April 10, 2006

For the love of animals

In my short time here in Singapore, I have managed to get intouch with several not for profit organizations that are involved with saving animals. The SPCA and ASD are a few of those that I want to contact and do volunteer work for.

It has been 10 years since I started with doing work for animals. No, not physically, but financially. I have been actively donating to several organizations like the WWF, Greenpeace, Terra Mater, and others, and also making myself busy with signing some online petitions needed to voice out for animals and the environment.

With my dog, Jake coming from a shelter himself, my goal is to help those that I could not take home in some other way. While I'm still dreaming of my dogfarm's existence, this will be my temporary "time well spent" moments.

April 09, 2006

An Open Letter

Dear Human Animals visitors/ commenters,

We would like to inform you that this site is composed of not just one but a handful of contributors (see sidebar, lower part.) One contributor was a certain MAMASANGRE, who joined this site August of 2004.

Early part of 2005, her entry : THE YOUTH IN ASIA has caught a commenter's attention {and ours too, thank you dear commenter} and we've asked MAMASANGE to explain about it. Clearly, MAMASANGRE passed the work of Mr. David Sedaris as her own. We do not tolerate such action.

We have given her ample time to explain but she chose to ignore us. And that did not leave us any choice but to BAN her from this site. WE DO NOT TOLERATE PLAGIARISM. She was immediately deleted as a contributor on APRIL of 2005.

Though MAMASANGRE was deleted , this free blog server (blogspot) did not automatically deleted all her entries and we would like to apologize for not thoroughly checking things out. Be rest assured that ALL the 'writings' of this person have been totally deleted.

We would also like to extend our sincere apology to Mr. David Sedaris, his friends and followers, for MAMASANGRE's bad action. Not only the administration of this site that she has fooled, but a number of serious bloggers around as well. On our part, our deepest regret was, we're not aware of Mr. David Sedaris' work.

We hope this letter clears the air. Truly we are but a bunch of animal lovers who share our pets' stories with each other.

Animals Are Humans team

We have found and included the blogspot- code that will show the contributor's name at the bottom of each entry.