May 24, 2006

Creating Designer Dogs

I have this entry over at my blog, Richardson Zoo, and I thought I would share it with you all as well.

I was catching up on my blogroll this morning, and I came across a great topic over at Pennie's. Let me tell you, this whole fad of designer dogs just hacks me off! These breeders that are making money by breeding two different breeds of dogs are unbelievable! Folks, let's just call these dogs what they are....M-U-T-T-S! Designer dog breeders are making money off of people that just want the "in" thing. They are selling for hundreds of dollars what you can do through a visit to the shelter and a small donation. There is also a free option. You can rescue a stray dog. If anyone out there doesn't know where a stray dog is living, please let me know. I'd like to experience that community for a while. I hate to sound so bitchy, but this type of thing really makes my blood boil. Nature has been creating designer dogs for years. There are so many wonderful mixed breeds waiting in shelters for homes of their own. For years, shelters and rescue groups have had to compete with breeders, and that's o.k. I don't see anything wrong with owning a pure bred dog. That's just some people's cup of tea. In fact, I have two of my own that I acquired through rescue. But now, we have to deal with people that run their businesses breeding mixed breeds too? It's too much for me to handle without a fight.

Labradoodle smchoodle, it's a mutt! These exotic names are just a joke. Anybody can do that. Here are my two designer dogs. Let me know if anyone has any better suggestions for their designer names.

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Shiloh, my Jackshund (Jack Russell / Dachshund mix).

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Fergie, my Heelshep (Red Heeler / Shepherd mix).

Wow, I'm trendy aren't I? Think you can spot a designer dog over a shelter dog? Take the Designer Dog Quiz. Oh, and something to consider. If combining two breeds is trendy, wouldn't multiple breeds be more exotic? Visit your local shelter today and start a new trend. Getting off my soapbox now.