November 08, 2004

kirei's latest..

this was kirei's picture taken last month. look at her, she looked so tame here huh, actually, she was sleepy here, notice the eyes? i found this pose of her funny, since she's a japanese spitz leaning on my japanese slippers. hehe.

i find it so hard to take a picture of kirei these days since she is one hyper baby, or she doesn't feel like posing in front of the camera. i almost thought that my baby is becoming camera-shy. oh no! then i was able to catch her in a sober mood.

last november 1, i brought kirei to the memorial park when we visited the grave of our grandparents. my nephews, don-don and simon would want to take her for a walk and argued as to who will take kirei first. hehe, my baby is in-demand! as we were strolling along the park, we saw this cute little girl who said, "Ay, ang cute ng aso...mayaman kayo?" haha, haha, bibong bata ah! kirei looked like a superstar in the park that time, people would notice her when we pass by. oh, my baby really loves sooo much attention.

anyway, she is getting bigger now, still teething and hyper as ever, just wait for her to become sleepy so she will mellow down. BUT she gets pissed off when she is left alone, no baby talk could teach her to get used to being alone sometimes. she would really cry when i leave. tsk tsk!

my youngest nephew, mig-mig was so fond of kirei that he would really giggle when kirei licks his hand. while my niece coleen was so afraid of her. hmm, i would teach her to love my pets for gretchen (a german shepherd) is now pregnant --finally! so our house will have more babies soon!

Let me share my experience with kirei last weekend:
I left her upstairs and Tatay asked me why I didn't bring her with me downstairs for he heard kirei crying. So I went upstairs and I found it strange that she was crying in a different manner. As I was opening the little gate, I noticed that her right foreleg was trapped on one of the curves of the gate, which explained why she was really crying. I tried to release her leg, but to no avail...I can't do it for she would cry. I could feel her pain as she bit the handle of the gate -- I guess that was her way to release tension, and she was really crying. I got scared so I called Tatay, and he got a "long nose" to loosen the curve where kirei's leg was trapped, hence she was released. And I heaved a sigh of relief. My baby is okei.

sigh, i wish i could bring kirei to this shop, a resto type, where animals are free to roam around and mingle with other pets, they are required to pee first before they enter the shop premises. i forgot the name of the place, i will search for it.

so much for that, hello to your babies! MAMA SANGRE, the doggie bed is not yet done, actually, i haven't started on it yet.