June 29, 2005

Charlie's 1st Birthday!

My little Charlie celebrated his first birthday last June 10!

- my excuses for not posting about it on time..or should I say for not posting for many weeks now?, bad bad mama, I know-
A nice doggy like Charlie sure deserved a little celebration to mark his first birthday, so my husband and I decided to give him a small party, with his friend Sjimmie (a bouvier des flandres) as special guest.
Charlie had a lot of fun that day, played for hours with Shimmie that we had to separate them a couple of times whenever Charlie would start to pant so hard that we were afraid he'd collapse, the little puggy's really relentless when it comes to playing!

Shimmie's gift for Charlie were two packages of doggy bacon treats while from us, he's got a new 'sofa' (that he totally ignores or use) and a basket so that he could go biking with us, positioned just on my bike's tail...( Charlie by the way, finds biking a 'hohum, an utter bore' that he actually fell asleep the first time we took him for a round. )

Charlie and Sjimmie

These two are just crazy about each other!

and for Charlie's party, I baked him two treats, both recipes I found on the internet...I first baked LIVER BROWNIES that's w/ liver, corn meal, flour, fresh garlic and water- they both liked the brownies and then I followed it with...
DOGGY CAKE and that's with chicken fillet, yellow rice, carrots, green beans, parsley, eggs, garlic, oil, wheat flour and vanilla

Charlie's Doggy Cake

Sjimmie gulped half of the cake in less than a minute and was even 'carrying' a doggy bag when he went home. I was told that he had the piece of cake for breakfast the following morning and was fully satisfied, also had a garlicy breath the entire morning.
While Charlie spent the following day sleeping, he was happy but tired.

June 23, 2005

flower power!  Posted by Hello

June 22, 2005


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my apology for not posting right away when i got my invitation. first, i would like to thank you guys for the invitation to be part of this wonderful site. YuRee was delighted, heehee.

let me start with his bio...he's a cocker spaniel and was born on 23 september 2002. let me do the math...that makes him 2 years and 9 months old. we had him in may of 2003 while we were in japan. i rejected the idea of having a pet when my husband (james) told me about Yuree (still hario at that time). YuRee was originally with the rivers' family and paid fortune when they got him. unfortunately, they have three kids and both of them are working and they don't have extra set of hands to take care of him. they don't want to neglect him and just give it to somebody they don't know. james and mrs. rivers worked together and started talking about YuRee's case. james told me about it and i said no, because during my younger years we had a family dog (iking) and eventually died because of sickness. but despite my rejection, james brought YuRee home. it was love at first sight and i felt bad for rejecting him at first. we paid a tenth of the portion only or i can say, it was almost a give away. we just love YuRee so much. adjusting to him was hard at first. it was like having a baby...literally. james would wake up at 5am because YuRee needs to go p**p! when james loses his patience, he would always say he would give YuRee away, but would take it back once YuRee goes back to his well-behaved mood. i'm always the middle man between them. YuRee listens to me more than to james, heehee.

what's with the name YuRee? everything fell into places with his name. my mom was visiting us when we had YuRee. when james brought him home, my mom was watching a TFC soap opera. one of the main casts name was atty. yuri orbida. although yuri is a girl's name in japan, we still named him YuRee since we got him in japan (do i make sense here?). but everybody who knew we came from japan, would understand why we named him YuRee, they said because it sounded like a japanese name (sans the soap opera story behind) heehee.

when we had to moved back to the states (california) last year, no questions asked... he's coming with us! he is now a permanent residence of united states and he's loving it, hahaha. although he miss hiroko-san, his groomer and sitter back in japan, he's adjusting really well.

this is it for now and we should be back for more adventures. again thank you guys for welcoming us.