October 14, 2005

Relocating with Jake-y

Maybe most of you don't know that our family will be relocating soon to Singapore See October 7th post. I am overjoyed to the max, but also over-terrified of what's ahead for all of us. In this entry, obviously, I mean Jake.

The past few days, I have been intensively researching on HOW TO bring in dogs from Germany to Singapore. With that said, I am worried like h*ll for Jake. First, he's not that young anymore, though, not that old either. (around 7 yrs.), but the stress of the journey, the 30-day quarrantine, the heat and humidity there...will he be fine? Am I doing the right and best decision for him? How would the authorities treat him on his arrival? He will be terrified and will feel alone!!!

(Did you know that I was evil enough to consider leaving him because of the fear that something terrible might happen to him during the trip, that none of A's family can adopt him because he's too big, or that he won't be able to play in parks there because all big dogs must wear a muzzle and must be on a leash....blah blah blah---NONSENSE! That was the most stupid thought I ever did regarding my beloved dog.)

The truth is, knowing him and his experience in life before we took him (he came from a shelter in NY and we are his first and ONLY family), the worst thing we can do to him, is to leave him. I might as well put him to eternal sleep before we go, than kill him slowly witn emotional pain of being abandoned once again and missing us every single day of his life.---Honestly, God forbid something really bad happens to him, atleast he knows that we brought him with us.---til death do us part is what I vowed to asawa and my children, but that goes for him too.

Just for sharing my INIS experience:

Some dumb-dumb dared to tell me, "eh what if you bring him, tapos he dies during the trip? eh di nagsayang lang kayo ng pera?!"----lecheng 'to I thought.

Instead of slapping her stupidity out of her non-existent brain, I sharply replied with, "ha? do you mean that if someone you love is sick, and you know that he will die, eh you won't bother paying for a possible way to prolong his life anymore kasi SAYANG din naman?!"

Her answer? "eh iba naman yon kasi tao yon at minamahal mo."

I gave her a cynical smile and flatly answered, "hay nako, kung ikaw lang ang nasa posisyon niya, di ako mamomroblemang iwanan ka."

That said, I turned my back and chatted with someone else. grrr, people can be SO insensitive!

October 04, 2005

A Special Day!

from us three, we wish you all brothers and sisters out there a stressfree, lots of treats, all day-long attention and great playtime W.A.D !

lots of hugs and kisses to: Matilda, Jake, Yuree, Kirei, Boo, PJ, Pao, Murphy, Gretchen, Milli, Collloquy, All Cheryl's babies at her mini zoo,Padme, Meg, Hermes and Jackie if we missed some names, our apologies...


Pet owners throughout the world will be celebrating on October 4th - World Animal Day, the feast day of the Patron Saint of all animals - St. Francis of Assisi.

St Francis, born in 1182 in Assisi, Italy, was the wealthy son of a cloth merchant. In 1206 he rejected all his worldly goods and founded the order of the Franciscan Monks. He loved all God's creatures and called animals his brothers and sisters and it is this love and respect which is celebrated on his Feast Day.

In Rome on World Animal Day, stray dogs are temporarily spared from the city's dog catchers and offered free bones from the butcher!

In Australia, World Animal Day has been set aside to recognise the important role pets play in the everyday lives of millions of Australians.

Over 64% of Australian households have a companion animal which makes Australia one of the most animal-loving nations in the world.

Research has shown that owning a pet is beneficial to health with pet owners living happier less stressed lives than people who do not include a pet in their lifestyle.

The objectives of World Animal Day celebrations are to highlight the enjoyable aspects of pet ownership and to publicly recognise the important contribution animals make to society, yet at the same time enable groups associated with animals to unite in the promotion of responsible ownership.

Many schools throughout the country will be holding a Blessing of the Animals in conjunction with the Pet Week activities co-ordinated by the Australian Veterinary Association. Pet Week will run from 2nd ­ 6th October in all States except W.A and Northern Territory when it will be held between 9th and 13th October.