December 20, 2004


So who do you think would dare jump off the chair?

Danielle and Charlie Posted by Hello

Danielle, the ferret of course! Fearless li'l lady!
While we place Charlie on the chair whenever he's playing too wild and needs some cooling down, he would not dare jump.

December 09, 2004

My Meg

Meg's my favorite name, sprung out of my admiration for Meg Ryan. So when my cousin brought a cute little 5 week old pup, day after my birthday, found out it was a she... i named her MEG! :)

She was cute and a bit jumpy whenever people come near her. After a week, she got used to us and i couldn't stop cuddling her. She was one sweet dog.

I've always had pets, i had some pairs of lovebirds that have come and gone.. i have an aquarium, which is now mainly for ornamental purposes at home.. i've even had chicks! Of course i had dogs, yep, we have and have had LOTS of dogs. we never were "out of" dogs. We always had at least 2 of them at home. Most of them, were "askals" as we call it.. or mutts i believe is the english term.

We did have some dogs of breed. we had a poodle, long time ago, who died of old age when i was only about five. then when i was around 12 or something, we had a German Shepherd, a beautiful faithful and sweet german shepherd we called Bugsy -- she was more than faithful to my cousin who owns him. He died of old age as well, when i was 21 i think (just about a year or two ago..). Meg came about 4-5 years ago, she still met Bugsy and they got along just fine :)

When meg was still a pup and i could still carry her, i always spend after school (i was in college) with her at our garden.. i'd put her on top of the garden table, and i'd talk to her, tell her everything i did the whole day.. how i felt -- if i was sad, lonely, happy, excited... in love :) She knew me a lot, KNOWS inside and out.. if she was a person, she'd be my keeper of secrets. I did that until he was too big to be put on top of the table, and i had to just sit beside him or walk with him outside, although he usually tires me too early trying to catch anything moving!

When my thesis days in college came, i had less and less time spent with him. And although i wanted to spend more time with him... i couldn't. Just a few days ago, i was at the living room, by the window with Ziggy (my 5 month old son) when Meg suddenly popped his head right in front of us. It was the cutest.. He was like introducing himself to Ziggy :) and ziggy was talking to him too!

We have another dog like meg, name's Sam, but he's more rowdy... and we weren't THAT close :p he'd usually start barking when he sees me or anybody carrying ziggy outside or strolling by the garden. So do the other dogs (we have 3 more, 1 mutt, 1 half mutt and half retriever, and one golden retriever -- Just like Meg and Sam.)

I realized that day, that although i spent less and less time with Meg, he still knows and recognizes me as somebody who used to spend time with him.. somebody who treated him with much importance before and he sorta knows that Ziggy is somebody whole lot important to me :)

I just loved the feeling...

here's her royal highness... Meg (original name was, believe it or not -- Ziggy of (something something.. Dog of Flanders? hahah basta.. that's what was written on his papers)

and his sidekick sam hahah royal highnesses have sidekicks in the dog world :p

November 08, 2004

kirei's latest..

this was kirei's picture taken last month. look at her, she looked so tame here huh, actually, she was sleepy here, notice the eyes? i found this pose of her funny, since she's a japanese spitz leaning on my japanese slippers. hehe.

i find it so hard to take a picture of kirei these days since she is one hyper baby, or she doesn't feel like posing in front of the camera. i almost thought that my baby is becoming camera-shy. oh no! then i was able to catch her in a sober mood.

last november 1, i brought kirei to the memorial park when we visited the grave of our grandparents. my nephews, don-don and simon would want to take her for a walk and argued as to who will take kirei first. hehe, my baby is in-demand! as we were strolling along the park, we saw this cute little girl who said, "Ay, ang cute ng aso...mayaman kayo?" haha, haha, bibong bata ah! kirei looked like a superstar in the park that time, people would notice her when we pass by. oh, my baby really loves sooo much attention.

anyway, she is getting bigger now, still teething and hyper as ever, just wait for her to become sleepy so she will mellow down. BUT she gets pissed off when she is left alone, no baby talk could teach her to get used to being alone sometimes. she would really cry when i leave. tsk tsk!

my youngest nephew, mig-mig was so fond of kirei that he would really giggle when kirei licks his hand. while my niece coleen was so afraid of her. hmm, i would teach her to love my pets for gretchen (a german shepherd) is now pregnant --finally! so our house will have more babies soon!

Let me share my experience with kirei last weekend:
I left her upstairs and Tatay asked me why I didn't bring her with me downstairs for he heard kirei crying. So I went upstairs and I found it strange that she was crying in a different manner. As I was opening the little gate, I noticed that her right foreleg was trapped on one of the curves of the gate, which explained why she was really crying. I tried to release her leg, but to no avail...I can't do it for she would cry. I could feel her pain as she bit the handle of the gate -- I guess that was her way to release tension, and she was really crying. I got scared so I called Tatay, and he got a "long nose" to loosen the curve where kirei's leg was trapped, hence she was released. And I heaved a sigh of relief. My baby is okei.

sigh, i wish i could bring kirei to this shop, a resto type, where animals are free to roam around and mingle with other pets, they are required to pee first before they enter the shop premises. i forgot the name of the place, i will search for it.

so much for that, hello to your babies! MAMA SANGRE, the doggie bed is not yet done, actually, i haven't started on it yet.

October 28, 2004

close-up of Padme... isn't she lovely? ;) Posted by Hello

here's padme again with me (holding her) and my chilhood friend beside me. Look at Padme, absolutely wary of strangers!!! i wonder why when there's so many people coming in and out of the house. she just disappears when there's people around. ;) Posted by Hello

can you see th cat with all the giftwrappers? this wasn't a planned "shot"... my cat Padme likes to nose her way around papers, plastics, ribbons and the like... i guess you know what i mean! ;) she's makulit, but i love her dearly... more pictures and stories to come! Posted by Hello

October 25, 2004


That's how Charlie my PUGngit is nowadays, a baby no more! Today is his second month with us and we just love him too much, sometimes it's too much...but it feels fantastic! I still remember the day we got him, less than a foot long and weighing over a kilo. He probably weighs 6-8 kilos now.

I've checked his front teeth tonight, yep! he's lost his 4 front teeth 2 up and 2 down. THEYIE, if you can read this, MAMASANGRE is correct to say that KIREI is teething that why she's a bit 'abnoxious' right now, and it's true too that she'll sink her teeth in to any available object around her. Please let me share with you what we do with Charlie's teething and potty training.

- We do not get mad and start yelling at the puppy when he starts to munch on the furniture, slippers, chairs, edges of the stairway, our pants or anything. Instead with a firm voice, we say 'BAD' and move him AWAY. It's really up to us to do that since pugs can be stubborn and at times will not listen. Then we give him something to munch on like dried pig's skin stick which is available at any pets shop. This skin is also good for his itchy gums.

the reason why Charlie's always have something in his mouth, dawgie is teething!

The Mafia boss!

- Play with him. That's important to keep him from being bored and starts to munch on things just to get our attention. Playing is also important for him to spend his energy.

- Puppies are so energetic! I've read a pugsy article that pugs do not need to be walked frequently and they do not bark a lot. Charlie is just the opposite. He is so alive and enjoys the walks. He'll begin it by barking out loud as if telling everyone: " Here I am, here I am! Come on out you guys!" That's why he's pretty muscular, thanks to the movements and he eats well but not turning fat.

- We walk him out several times a day, 5 times averagely for his potty training. This will lessen when he becomes older. We reward him for doing his potty outside and give him a bit of scolding when he does it inside. Puppies can't control it yet so it's important for Charlie to have a regulated time for eating and then potty. And this is also important for him to learn the neighborhood, see other people and other dogs. He is crazy about kids especially and kids are to him.

But really, the key here is spending time training the puppy. And that ensures success. My husband and I were so confident that he'll never wet our bed that as early as his second week with us ( he was almost 3 months then ) we allowed him to sleep with us. He did no accidents and now sleeping with us is normal, and Charlie even gets most of the space.

Charlie napping on husband's belly

Dear THEYIE, if you can't find the pigs skin sticks, may I suggest that you buy them fresh without fat, clean and boil it to reduce the remaining fat and slice them about half inch in thickness and 5 inches long ...let them dry in the sun. When it's totally dry, it's ready for your puppy to chew. Also if you can get Kirei some toys, like rubber balls or anything that is not dangerous for puppies. She'll appreciate that.


I've edited some parts, very very sleepy when I did the post last night..see the difference mamasangre? ^_^

October 13, 2004

Meet Gracie!

I've been wanting to post about my pets in this blog, but I didn't had the chance to compose until today...

Gracie, or Grace, is not really my cat. She belongs to my fiance's sisters. She was first seen around a family friend's house until Ruby and Mae decided to adopt her. Since then, she became a part of the family (parang ako, hehe!)

I really didn't get to know her much until my fiance's family took a month-long vacation and Grace needs to stay with me so I can watch over her. At first, animals aren't really my thing. I grew up in a household that never had pets of any kind. I never knew how to handle furry friends. But, this cat made an animal lover out of me. I consider her to be sweet and intelligent... When I get home, she's waiting by the door, and once I approach her, she'll roll over the floor and waits for me to scratch her belly and shower her with attention. She never makes a mess in my apartment. She does her business in her litter box and never plays with any of my stuff. She meows and approaches when you call her name. She comes to you when she's interested in what you're doing. She follows me around the apartment, just sitting there and watch me cook, clean, etc... She lets me know when she wants to go to the porch, and when I let her out, she just sits on a corner watching the trees outside. When she's satisfied, she goes back inside and meows, and that's my cue to close the door. She never liked expensive cat toys. All you need is a crumpled piece of paper to keep her amused. She likes to curl up on my feet whenever I lay on the couch. When I go to bed, she sleeps behind my headboard, close to the window. She also wakes me up every morning by meowing aloud beside my bed until I get up. Once I step out of the bedroom, she runs to the kitchen and waits for me to give her breakfast. Almost human huh? The only time I see her wild side is when she likes to make her own little hunting game. When she wants to play with any object, she would at first keep her distance, crouches like a mini-panther, then wiggles her butt until she dashes for her prey.

Ever since her vacation in my apartment, I sometimes "borrow" her to keep me company. Except now that I had a new puppy, she became jealous of him and kept her distance from him. It's funny to see a big cat running away from a 6-inch high dog... Now, she's back home with her "parents". But, I still miss her sometimes! Everytime I visit their house, she still knows me. :)

September 22, 2004

hello from kirei

di naman masyadong showbiz ang baby ko, di ba?
that's my malambing, ever ready to take a pose, granted that she's in a good mood.

she was born on the 1st of july 2004, and was given to me by my friend romel on the 7th of august. so she'd been with me for 2 months, 2 weeks and 1 day. how time flies!

kirei has made a difference in our house, for i've seen how fond tatay and nanay has become of her. our house, deprived of babies (my niece and nephews), is once again lively. funny how tatay would take sides with kirei if she screams for pain because nanay accidentally stepped on her toes. hehe..sometimes, i think tatay loves kirei more than i... hmm.. she would sleep on my room, it used to be on my bed, but she would bite my books so i trained her to sleep on the floor. then i will leave the lights on so i could check on her whenever i can. tatay would fetch her early morning for breakfast, and if i'm free, i would give her a nice bath.

she has definitely grown, i would excitedly weigh her everytime i see the weighing scale. oh well, tatay spoils her eh, and she's really "matakaw", ida-diet ko na nga sya. mukha na sya askal eh. hwehehe.

i am kirei's mommy. she would like to be friends with you.

September 15, 2004

New Addition to the Familie

September 08, 2004

My little BOSS

This is how I usually get things done these days, by letting my little boss sleep on top of my desk. Actually when I ask him to keep quiet, he would listen and just go to sleep. All he needs is to see me ( or his 'dad' ) and he's all good.

The puppy with his puppy...can you see 'them' ? Posted by Hello

August 30, 2004

my cats

for a while now i've been wanting to post some pics of my cats.. they're strays alright but i love them nonetheless...

the image is little bit fuzzy.. i was holding the camera on my other hand, but anyways.. this is my

kitten mhadz.. on his 3rd week of life

Image Hosted by

ain't he a cutie!

and here is his sister whom my sister named darkwing (don't ask why.. i don't know myself)

Image Hosted by


and here's another adorable shot of mhadz... poor kitty got tired from all the studying he did. fell

asleep right on top of his handouts...

Image Hosted by

my kittens.. all bunched up

Image Hosted by

time for a snack....

Image Hosted by

oh.. here is a picture of the last sibling among the brood.. catthroat!

Image Hosted by

baby mhadz.. when he was just a couple of days old....

Image Hosted by

sorry.. lots of stories to tell... but got no time at the moment... so the pics will have to do for now!

August 27, 2004


My husband and I agreed not to make any hasty decisions before leaving the house that sunday (15th Aug.) That was the day we made an appointment to meet this dog owner turned breeder. He had 3 pugpupies.

Prior to that, I have sat long hours in front of my computer learning and gathering infos about pugs and other small dogs...their behaviours, needs, characters and all important informations we'll be needing should we find the right puppy. I really wanted a pug because of its' size, character and most important of all, it can live with other animals. My other choices were either a french bulldog or a pembroke corgi which were also small & friendly races.I have also e-mailed several breeders, asking for informations and prices. I must honestly say that I almost gave up finding a pup because I wasn't aware that they were quite expensive!

So I began to hunt somewhere else...I have tried a dutch bulldogs/pugs group for infos, kennels, local shelters where abandoned animals were/are abundant and needing new homes. Sadly, most offered small dogs were jack russels which were not really suitable for our home with 3 ferrets. What was heart breaking though, were the plights of these abandoned animals, how they were given up, or thrown away, literally sometimes, or even almost killed by their very owners wanting to get rid of them. Talk about the brutality and ignorance of many people! First they will acquire those 'cute' puppies or kitties , take them home....and once they grew up and no longer 'cute' they will discard them like garbage! These kind of people should be jailed! ( Oh ok, I'm drifting away from my main story...sorry)

Anyhow, since we weren't expecting much from that appointment with the breeder that sunday ( we were more fixated on our vacation the following morning ) we still went to see him....lo and behold...there he was! I first saw the pugdaddy then the pugmommy and then an older pugsister then came to view was him- Charlie.- The pugfamily's condition was ideal. They were sharing the house with other dogs, children and the puppies were already trained to poop only on newspapers spread on the floor.

Like mamasangre had with Noah, I also had a 'moment' with the puppy, took him closer to my nose ( I immediately sneezed - I've doggy allergy, yes ) and whispered to him ' would you like me to be your mommy?' He then looked at me and wham! that was one of the fastest decisions I've ever made in my life cos I just knew it, I have found him! My husband was caught off guard too, instantly fell in love that he wanted to buy the sister as well. No, I said, just one. So much for our ' no hasty decisions' huh? We then decided that we would pick him up once we're back from our vacation.

Charlie's already got his passport from the vet, has received two necessary injections and will receive another one next week, he is healthy and very very playful.

But we didn't pick him up, instead he was delivered to us by his breeder last tuesday (24th to be exact.) I guess they were also checking us out and that tells a lot about Charlie's breeder.

Here he is, meet Charlie

the bundle of joy who's making me lose sleep, mop the floor several times a day, makes me forget to eat, the reason why I do not go online that much these days, who will not sleep without me on his side, made me cut my vacation short and the main reason why I'm behind with my paperworks (darn! patay ako kay boss! ) But all these are worth it! We've been together for few days only but he's like my shadow, he is already showing his 'protective' side and always wanting to know where I am.

A smile for mommy...don't you love that smile?!

No that's not ET, just Charlie taking a nap
Charlie has been very very cool and nice towards my 3 ferrets, but I think it might take a while for my trio to get used to him. They just don't like the extra attention we're giving the pup right now, other than that, the trio never even tried to harm Charlie in any form. That's okay, they'll come around because they know that we love them too.

August 13, 2004

This is HER! :D
This is Baybee Booskie when she was a pup. Thats her topak mode. Oh, by the way, this is the other boo. Not the one that died. This one's the doggie that lives with me.


I just noticed that no one else was posting here the last few days...except me! lolz. I just read mama sangre's post earlier on about rescuing that poor lil creature.

I took the liberty in logging onto my local animal shelter's website and goshiez, the pets up for adoption are soooooooooo cute!! If I could only have them all, I'd definitely go for em. The dogs that look like mops, the ones that look like brooms...the ones that look like old men...hehehe. Well, theyre all cute.

August 11, 2004

A Poem By Request (Ahem...hehe)

I have a friend
Who longs for a companion
(Like her husband isnt enough)

One with big droopy eyes
(full of mucus)

One with big fat cheeks
(that hang like water balloons)

One with a wrinkled face
(that looks like a wrinkled butt)

One with a cold nose
(cuz its always full of snot)

One with a big mouth and bad breath
(that drools like a water fountain)

One that she can cuddle
(i dunno why she couldnt settle for a pillow)

One that she can feed
(Ahem, HUSBAND?!?)

One that she can take care of
(mm, how about a plant?)

One that she longs for so much
(that she actually asked me to write something about,
what a waste of my time!)

One thats actually a DOG named TJ!

LOLZ!! okay the dogs actually cute.
I was just bein sarcastic..DUH

August 08, 2004

Remembering Her

I have always loved animals; especially DOGS. Growing up, I had all sorts of pets; from Birds, Rabbits, Fishes to Dogs. Each were special in their own way. What I appreciated most from these animals is their ability to sense our feelings. They know when you're down, when you're happy...they know YOU.

Five years ago, when my brother went back to the Philippines to continue his education; we got a Dog...just to keep him company. A Dog named Boo. She was a sweet little thing, a sweet and beautiful Mongrel. As time went by, we all got attached to the Dog. Although the rest of my family and I were living overseas, each and everytime we'd go back, she was always there. She was a part of our family. As she grew, her primitive instincts developed and she became one of the most feared dogs in our neighbourhood. She protected our home. She protected us.

Apart from being the protector that she was; she was also a very good mother to her puppies. It was such a sweet sight whenever we'd give her little goodies then she'd call her babies one by one; feeding the youngest first. She had always put her kids first. Just like we humans do. She also offered us lil gifts at times. She once caught a fish and brought it to my dad. She also caught a bird and did the same thing. Everybody loved her.

Two Years Ago, we received a Phone Call from my Cousin. He lived with my brother and he too looked after Boo. He told us that the 15 year old son of our neighbour had shot our Boo in the heart - IN OUR FRONTYARD. She was 3 months pregnant...and she was shot right in the heart...right in the heart. She laid there, in our resthouse and bled to death. My Cousin phoned by brother shortly after and he rushed home.

My whole family was outraged. Everyone cried. We loved that dog so much. People say that we are foolish to have such a strong attachment to just an ANIMAL. She wasn't just an ANIMAL to us; she was our FAMILY. Til this day, I still find it hard to talk about the incident. Writing this has made tears well up in my eyes. It still hurts. I still miss my Dog. Sometimes its hard to understand the things people do. Animals are still living beings...they breathe, they feel, they love just as we do.

My family has tried to take the case to court. However, since it is the Philippines, nothing much has been accomplished because according to them, it was just an ANIMAL. Since the incident occured, I havent returned to the Philippines. I do not know if I could control myself under the circumstances of seeing that family and remembering what they did to my Dog. It still hurts and I still miss her.

August 07, 2004

Chi-chi my love

A new added attraction on our mini zoo... :D
she's a 3 monts old monkey and we call her Chi-chi.

At first medyo takot pa sya sa tao. Medyo aloof.. and mabaho. hehehe!!
Ano nga ba naman ang maaasahan mo sa pet shop to take care of this little soul.. siguro matagal na siyang walang ligo. Medyo manipis ang hair nya and payat talaga. Kawawa namang nilalang. Nabulunan pa nga nung first time naming pinakain ng saging... and we thought fruits lang ang puede nyang kainin.

As week pass, medyo nakakarelate na din siya sa environment nya. Nililiguan namin siya thrice a week and she slept with my sister. Of course, medyo takot kami kasi baka may sakit, may ebola, may aids, lahat-lahat na but then unresistable talaga ang charm ng little chi-chi na to sa amin.

Oh my.. kumakain din pala ng kanin ang unggoy. Minsan kasabay namin siyang kumain.. OO nga.. nang-aagaw sila ng pagkain minsan. hehehe! may pagkamaldita lang tong bata na to kasi pag nandyan na nanay nya (my sister).. ayaw ng sumama sa kin. Whenever her mom's at school, she's here with me at my shop... and she always fall asleep in my arms na parang baby talaga. As we know, maingay dito sa shop.. pag inaantok na ang bata at may biglang malakas na tunog.. sumisigaw siya... minsan bumubulong.. siguro sa loob-loob nya "ano ba naman tong lugar na to.. ang dilim dilim pero ang ingay" or kaya "ano ba kayo! inaantok ako! wag kayong maingay!" hahaha!!

Ah.. may isang beses lang pala siyang sumama sa kin na nasa tabi lang nya yung sister ko.. wala pang isang minute.. inihian ako. Bad Chi-chi! Even Bullit have an experience on her peeing habit... Ganon siguro sila, parang sinasabi na.. "this is my property" chuvabelles. :)

Her latest improvement.. Playful. At first, takot siya sa 3 aso namin... even with my little Schat. Minsan kasi tinatahulan or kinakagat siya (kagat na lambing) nung mga babies ko but not now.. palaban na din ang matsing. Not really palaban pero kaya na nyang makipagsabayan. One morning, nasa lapag lang siya at di nilalapitan ng mga aso.. Di siya pinapansin. Nilapitan si Achilles (which is so big na..) at kinurot near his pwet. Syempre, ang initial reaction ng aso.. kinahulan tapos kinakagat-kagat siya.. She also do that.. nakikagat din ang loka.. Nakita ni Schat na nilalaro ni Achilles si Chi-chi.. lumapit ang dalaga ko (si schat).. ang nakiharot na din. Contented ang 2 (Schat and achilles) kasi nakaganti and they left her. Ay naku.. she didn't even cry kahit pinagtulungan nung dalawa. Pero Chi-chi is not contented, nilapitan ang Schat at siya naman ang kinurot. Tawa na lang kami ng tawa sa kalokohan nya. hehehe! Don lang sa isang aso (na adult na talaga) siya di makaporma kasi baka iwasiwas siya non. Hahaha!

Ok na yung itsura nya ngayon... Makapal na yung balahibo nya, may buhok na unlike before na nakakalbo siya.. and syempre.. tumaba na din. :)

Sabi ko sa sister ko, ituring nya yan parang tao.. dapat laging yakapin, alagaan (as what Ate Thess told me) pero parang sobra ata tong kapatid ko kasi kahit pagtulog at pagkain.. magkasama na sila. Hehehe!

I really wanted to post a picture of my sister and chi... pero di maupload dito eh.. can somebody help me.

posted by: JOANNE

August 01, 2004

Random little something

I thought of posting this photo of Danielle when one day I saw her, just her head, peeking outside when she heard the noises I was making in the kitchen. Curious as she's always been and with half eyes closed, there she was trying to find out what mama's been up to.

taken yesterday ( july 31st )...this was Gizmo sleeping on top of his shirt. It's a known fact that ferrets sleep in the dark but since we've been having warm weather the past days, the light didn't seemed to bother him ( Jacob and Danielle were sleeping under their other shirt )

Also taken yesterday, their dad and I decided to buy them a piano hoping to find out if we have a Mozart in the family ( that's not all together true, we got jealous because the other day, we saw a piano-playing-ferret on tv so we thought.. perhaps our kids can do better. ) Jacob played about 3 notes out of curiosity. Papa and mama actually clapped their hands when they heard what Jacob 've accomplished!

Unfortunately the piano didn't interest them at all, all they wanted to do was to destroy it. KIDS do the darnest thing!!

July 13, 2004


I just want to remember this day.Earlier my aunt living in Nevada gave me a call. I barely recognized her voice because of her hard sobbing, and I instantly knew what was wrong.You see yesterday evening when she called me up, she's told me that right at that moment, her baby - Raider, a 7 year old black labrador - will go under the knife and that she and her husband were frantic, worried sick. She's told me that there were bumps over Raider's body. I knew it didn't looked good and my aunt who is a nurse, seemed to refuse to face the possibility that her baby could die...but 'mothers' are like that, aren't they? But when the vet cut Raider open, instantly they knew that the cancer has spread all over his body and there's just no hope. So immediately they told my aunt and uncle and asked them if they would want them to close him up, wake him up so that they can say goodbye. They were also told that Raider was really suffering. They chose to let him rest in peace. He was cremated and today his remain will be delivered to my aunt.

I just want to remember this day when I wasn't able to console my aunt.....The day when I realized, that someday, I will experience the same thing when my babies decide to 'go away', for good.Raider, rest in peace....someday mom and dad will be just fine.

July 12, 2004


heRe's goLLum with the kittens. see the one at her back? i aLways thought that one Looks Like SAM, that girL who won the starstruck kids finaLs. hehe. I was actuaLLy surprided when i saw them this way, in peacefuL coexistence. Kasi, goLLum aLmost aLways pLays with the 3 cats... Karinyo BrutaL ang Laro niLa.


then, here's goLLum now... sus, kaLandi... hehe. Titingin pa e...


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July 06, 2004

da adbentyurs of Hermes and Jackie

adbentyur #2

Meet Hermes (her-mee), born:june 7,2001 breed:shih tzu color: tri-color gender: female

Bigay lang sa akin si Hermes ng isa sa mga students ko. Medyo di na sha naa-alagaan dahil sobrang busy na nung bata (kyna)...nagkasakit na si Hermes. She had Heartworm and was confined at The Animal House vet for 3 weeks. Nung umuwi na sha...nakapag-decide na ang parents ni Kyna to give up Hermes. At aken nila ito ibinigay (fave teacher nya akowe!)Habang inia-abot sa akin si hermes ito ang last words ni Kyna at Aissa (magkapatid) Teacher Eloise...she'll be your dakilang alalay". Nung inuwi ko si Hermes sa bahay namin...ang payat-payat nya at kalbo...hindi sha mukhang aso...mukha shang pusa. Still...hit na hit si Hermes sa bahay at di lang dun pati na ren sa aking mga kaibigan. Totoo yung sinabi nilang "dakilang alalay" si Hermes kasi kahet saan ako pumunta...sunod den sha ng sunod. Inakyat ko sha sa taas sa kwarto namen para laruin. Dun muna sha para di mashado magselos si Jackie...bumaba akong sandali para ihanda yung kanyang biglang...blag...blag...blag..."Si Hermes nahulog sa Hagdan!" sigaw ni Nanay.
Ay sobrang pagiging "pala-sunod" nagpatihulog sa hagdan si Hermes to be with me.

Awww...ain't she the sweetest?

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June 23, 2004

Da adbentyurs of Hermes and Jackie

HELLO!!! Halina at makisama sa mga adbentyurs ni Hermes at Jackie. Ang aking 2 alaga...punong-puno ng buhay at minsan ay may halong S.T. flick.


Uunahin ko yung mas JACKIE
Ipinanganak sha noong March 14, 1997. Nung dumating sha sa bahay namin...napaka-amo at mahiyain nya. Palaging nakabuntot sa akin...di ko sha mashado napaglalakad sa bahay nuong una dahil...meron na rin kaming isa pang dalmatian sa SLY! Si Sly ay hindi purong dalmatian...80% lang sha...isa sa mga characteristics ng dalamatian ay ang pagiging territorial nito. Kaya nung dumating si Jackie sa bahay...nagkaroon agad ng mortal na kaaway. Habang lumalaki si Jackie...unti-unti naman itong nagkakasungay (hehehe). Siya ang nagle-lead sa iba pa naming aso (may 2 pa Sly(dalmatian) at Hubbs(terrier))para magkalat at mag-ingay sa bahay.
May isang pagkakataon na binagsak ni Jackie yung salamin ng dining table namin.BASAG ANG SALAMIN!!! Hirap na hirap akong tanggalin sha dun...mabuti na lang at konting galos lang ang nakuha nya. Siguro kung kaya nya lang ibagsak ang piano matagal na nyang ginawa.
Sa Jackie at Sly ang umuubos ng betadine kesa sa aming pamilya. Lagi silang masaya sa garden...binabasag ang mga paso, nagbubungkal ng lupa...atbp.
Maraming kuwento ng kakulitan itong si Jackie...tsaka ko na ibabahagi sa inyo! :D

Si Jackie ay isa sa mga pinaka-mabait naming aso...mabait na makulit. At eto ang isa pang natatangi nyang kakayahan...galit sha sa offense ha...pero minsan kumatok sa aming pintuan ayung isa naming kapitbahay na madaming inaaway...biglang tumahol si Jackie nang mistulang lalapain na iyong ale. Iyong aling iyon na maraming talagang masama ang ugali lang ang kinahulan ni Jackie ng ganung katindi.

Si Jackie rin ang aso naming marunong umarte...heto ang kanyang picture

sinasadya nyang pagandahin ang tenga nya ng mga panahong kinuhaan ko sha...kasi tangan ko sa kaliwa kong kamay ay isang biscuit.
Itong aso kong ito...lahat kinakain...kahit papel kakainin nya...ganon kalaki ang tiwala nya sa akin.