January 29, 2006


It has been a while since my last post. Been busy with my babies.. and I'm proud to announce that Kirei gave birth two nights ago! We have 6 new spitzlets. I dunno their genders yet, for Kirei won't allow us to see them closely.

Anyway, we also visited Ishie, Kirei's first born. And she has really grown! She still recognizes us, and just like her mom, she got so excited upon seeing us... never seemed to be tired playing.

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Kirei during her "pregnant" state -- 1 month

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Ishie.. at 6 months old now

Update: On Jake's Travel

Check THIS out!

January 25, 2006

Ready for sunny Singapore

After all the vaccinations, microchipping pains and check-up dramas, tomorrow IS the day that my furry baby would fly to Singapore. An almost 11 hour flight, and no "mommy" to be with, makes me a bit worried how he would fare. Jake is 7 yrs. old, and though most people have assured me that all will be fine...FINE isn't good enough for me until he has safely landed, been checked and has settled in his kennel.

I have been talking to him the past few days, re-assuring him that we will see him again and that he should not be afraid, "mommy will always come back." These are words he usually hears when I go or leave him for awhile; I'm hoping that he'd bring these words with him tomorrow.

Let me end hear because I would rather ask for some well wishes for his safe flight HOME. Thanks in advance!

Isn't he cute?

January 17, 2006

Puppies galore!

Chachi gave birth to 6 cutie little puppies earlier! WEEEEH!!! 2 of them, were born last night, and the rest, early this morning. Yay!!! They're oh so tiny and adorable! The first one's white with specks of dark brown (red) and black, second one's brown, 2 are black, and the last two are brown though the other one's darker. I missed the whole thing but Det kept me updated. She'd text me every so often to update me with Chachi's delivery. I even called her up and she let me hear the little puppies' cries. Awww.. Ultra adorable! Oh-so cooool!!!! Yay! Can't wait for them to grow a bit more. :) Poor Pao though, he can't even come near the pups, Chachi's always growling at him. hehehe