March 11, 2006

Here with Me

My female MS is home at last! (Platinum Eight's Archangel "Angel")

It was a cold cold thursday evening, and there was a big sandstorm across the dessert where we cut though just to get to Dammam Airport (King Fahd International Airport), one of the biggest and relaxed airports here in the Kingdom. Hubby and i were so glad that we were in our Jeep Cherokee, because if we had driven a sedan, we could have been swept away. It was the first time for me to go out in a sandstorm. Really it was like saying something to me. I would look everywhere and i could really see fountains of sand in all different directions. Ive seen the desert in night time, especially when we'd do cross country, but that one was really SOMETHING. i will not even dare describe it here. i just know that we arrived to the airport safe and well....too cold for my butt cheek to handle.
we arrived 2 hours before angel's scheduled arrival. we were just waiting for THE HOUR, and so hubby ate his KFC dinner box while i reclined and slept a bit. then we woke up at exactly 10:15 pm and hubby was a bit antsy in the car. he went straight inside..(women are not allowed inside, that's saudi arabia for you)and he texted me right away that the PLANE HASNT ARRIVED YET
he went to the vet's office and when the vet, noticed that he was always on the fone with me, he invited me in! (a first in saudi again hahaha)and when we were there i found out that he's a local and a guy who didnt speak english was very kind and helpful to us.even if they (in islamic tradition)do not encourage DOG importation, they were actually, genuinely nice. They informed us that the plane would arrive from DUBAI,UNITED ARAB EMIRATES at 3:30am the next day, and so hubby and i were so exasperated. 50kms from home is no joke to deal with especially when its winter and sandstorming. they said in broken english "go home, baby home muskilah"( you can go home, you have kids, you shouldnt leave them) and then they were able to convince us to go home and come back at 8am instead. one pinoy guy who works at the cargo department would just let us know. i was worried, Angel could be thirsty and hungry and tired, so i had asked them to feed her when she arrives, they obliged. i even got a text message that angel has arrived. and i was too happy in my bed, and waited for 7am.
when we got back to the airport, it was soooo windy and cold, there was no one 'cept for 3 personel, including the pinoy who helped us. NAG IISA SI ANGEL...since it was on a friday, PRAYER DAY HERE IN THE MIDDLE EAST. no one would clear angel from the CUSTOMS department. good thing..they allowed me to feed and play with angel, when i asked (of course in broken english, "can my dog go outside? she needs")and then the guy said.."ok, i know bathroom?"..then angel and i in that bitter cold weather went out and for the first time she looked at me and whined for like 15 minutes.
she missed me.
then she was running and going back to me,,she barked at some stranger!...and then i realised...she's overprotective of me.
id never ever forget that experience. so lucky that i have my hubby who's been very supprotive of me. and loves my dogs like crazy. (he didnt like dogs then)
and now that ANGEL's here. still as outspoken as before. she still barks at strangers, or anything that moves strangely. maxie is of course the ALPHA dog...and Angel would be my guardian angel (in two tone fur clothing)