March 26, 2005

Dog Behavior Study

The University of Texas at Austin is doing a research project on dog behavior. They are looking for dog owners like us to participate in the study by answering a questionaire. Here's a short summary of the project:
"Currently, we are designing a questionnaire for the assessment of personality in dogs. Once this questionnaire is completed, we aim to use it to answer a variety of research questions, from what characterizes the best explosives detection dogs and guide dogs, to what types of breed-specific personality traits truly exist, to whether there are specific "types" of dogs who often end up in rescues and shelters. However, to create a reliable and valid dog personality questionnaire, we need thousands of dog owners to fill out the initial version of our on-line questionnaire, which is quite lengthy, and to give us feedback."

If you are interested in participating, just click on the link.

March 17, 2005

Our BUDDY-guard, JAKE

It is of great honor to be part of this site where animal lovers meet!
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Having a 17 month old toddler and a 7-yr. old wolf-dog, Trust counts! You see, even before C2 and C3 were born, we already had Jake. We adopted him when we were still living in New York on 1998, and brought him all the way here (Germany) on 2000. And since the time we had him, there is no way I could even imagine NOT having him around.

He loves our family above all. He opens the front door for me when I accidentally leave my keys. He once protected me from 3 psychos bad people in New Jersey. He blocked a rottweiler who was on the loose and was aiming for my daughter. He once helped my sister from robbers who wanted to enter our home. He is my bunso C3's sled puller in the snow. He is, he is, he is....PRICELESS!

this is just an introduction of our many escapades.

March 11, 2005

Rest my little angel.

Danielle June 1999- March 10, 2005

Dear familyand friends, yesterday at 1:50 in the afternoon my Danielle has finally gone home...home where pain does not exist.
Maybe in the near future I can share with you her last moments...moments that made me and my husband more proud of her.
We love you so much Danielle, that not having you with us really hurts... but we know that you're in a better place now...that gives us comfort. Rest our little angel.

March 01, 2005

no one dares...

just wanted to share with you, my 6-month-old Tibetan Terrier "YUKI". this pretty girl is the best guard dog underneath that snow white fluff.