July 13, 2004


I just want to remember this day.Earlier my aunt living in Nevada gave me a call. I barely recognized her voice because of her hard sobbing, and I instantly knew what was wrong.You see yesterday evening when she called me up, she's told me that right at that moment, her baby - Raider, a 7 year old black labrador - will go under the knife and that she and her husband were frantic, worried sick. She's told me that there were bumps over Raider's body. I knew it didn't looked good and my aunt who is a nurse, seemed to refuse to face the possibility that her baby could die...but 'mothers' are like that, aren't they? But when the vet cut Raider open, instantly they knew that the cancer has spread all over his body and there's just no hope. So immediately they told my aunt and uncle and asked them if they would want them to close him up, wake him up so that they can say goodbye. They were also told that Raider was really suffering. They chose to let him rest in peace. He was cremated and today his remain will be delivered to my aunt.

I just want to remember this day when I wasn't able to console my aunt.....The day when I realized, that someday, I will experience the same thing when my babies decide to 'go away', for good.Raider, rest in peace....someday mom and dad will be just fine.

July 12, 2004


heRe's goLLum with the kittens. see the one at her back? i aLways thought that one Looks Like SAM, that girL who won the starstruck kids finaLs. hehe. I was actuaLLy surprided when i saw them this way, in peacefuL coexistence. Kasi, goLLum aLmost aLways pLays with the 3 cats... Karinyo BrutaL ang Laro niLa.


then, here's goLLum now... sus, kaLandi... hehe. Titingin pa e...


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July 06, 2004

da adbentyurs of Hermes and Jackie

adbentyur #2

Meet Hermes (her-mee), born:june 7,2001 breed:shih tzu color: tri-color gender: female

Bigay lang sa akin si Hermes ng isa sa mga students ko. Medyo di na sha naa-alagaan dahil sobrang busy na nung bata (kyna)...nagkasakit na si Hermes. She had Heartworm and was confined at The Animal House vet for 3 weeks. Nung umuwi na sha...nakapag-decide na ang parents ni Kyna to give up Hermes. At shempre....sa aken nila ito ibinigay (fave teacher nya akowe!)Habang inia-abot sa akin si hermes ito ang last words ni Kyna at Aissa (magkapatid) Teacher Eloise...she'll be your dakilang alalay". Nung inuwi ko si Hermes sa bahay namin...ang payat-payat nya at kalbo...hindi sha mukhang aso...mukha shang pusa. Still...hit na hit si Hermes sa bahay at di lang dun pati na ren sa aking mga kaibigan. Totoo yung sinabi nilang "dakilang alalay" si Hermes kasi kahet saan ako pumunta...sunod den sha ng sunod. Inakyat ko sha sa taas sa kwarto namen para laruin. Dun muna sha para di mashado magselos si Jackie...bumaba akong sandali para ihanda yung kanyang pagkain...ng biglang...blag...blag...blag..."Si Hermes nahulog sa Hagdan!" sigaw ni Nanay.
Ay sus..sa sobrang pagiging "pala-sunod" nagpatihulog sa hagdan si Hermes to be with me.

Awww...ain't she the sweetest?

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