November 13, 2005

A Happy World with Animals Around

When we read a book, when we read the news, when we watch a documentary or a show on TV or a movie, it is almost always that there are animal characters that inspire us. There is a never ending story about animals. Why so? Because through animals, we see our own values in life .Through them, we become children once more who have a happy concept of the world.

Yes, we are happy when animals are around us. That is why we like to read fables and animal books. We really like visiting the zoo in every place we go to. We like to keep pets and take care of them like our own. We treat them as someone and not something. For it is true, that animals are humans like us who have feelings. They need love and give love in return.

There are a lot of pets that came and go since I was a child. But then, all of them were ebbed in the deepest part of my heart. I would never ever forget them. The joys and companionship they gave me, especially during the lonely days of my childhood, were still fresh in my mind.

Take my mother’s dog Elfie. I really got no idea why my mother named him like that but it sounded so endearing to all of us. And especially for me. Elfie was the only one who stayed with me in that corner of our backyard when I isolated myself from the rest of my family after I got a painful scolding from my father. He showed me that he cared by wagging his tail and licking me. I stayed there the whole afternoon and he never left me in a single moment. I really appreciated that. With the silent whispers I heard from the pond and the crowing of the chickens and the silent movements of the pigs’ tails in our backyard, I learnt to appreciate the beauty of silence with animals around. And best with Elfie in the lowest moment of my childhood.

So how can one blame me if every time I tell a story to the children in my own school, or the stories I write for my grandkids are mostly about animals?

Hey, look at this chick of mine I took care there in Williamsburg. It was only 12 days as far as I remember. There was something she wanted to convey, she wanted freedom, and she wanted a bigger space. So then and there we decided to put her and the others inside the barn. What a wise chick! Sad to say, I left her with a heavy heart. And just a few weeks ago, my daughter informed me that she is a grown hen already and produced so many eggs.

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Now, here in Singapore, I still have a pet with me. Just look at my goldfish. Isn’t she endearing? Do imagine the joys she and her friends give me and my family. And looking at them after a stressful day at work is relieving. Just looking at them is a therapy in itself.

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So why not have a pet of your own too? For a pet is a joy to be with. They are humans and more humans most of the time.

October 14, 2005

Relocating with Jake-y

Maybe most of you don't know that our family will be relocating soon to Singapore See October 7th post. I am overjoyed to the max, but also over-terrified of what's ahead for all of us. In this entry, obviously, I mean Jake.

The past few days, I have been intensively researching on HOW TO bring in dogs from Germany to Singapore. With that said, I am worried like h*ll for Jake. First, he's not that young anymore, though, not that old either. (around 7 yrs.), but the stress of the journey, the 30-day quarrantine, the heat and humidity there...will he be fine? Am I doing the right and best decision for him? How would the authorities treat him on his arrival? He will be terrified and will feel alone!!!

(Did you know that I was evil enough to consider leaving him because of the fear that something terrible might happen to him during the trip, that none of A's family can adopt him because he's too big, or that he won't be able to play in parks there because all big dogs must wear a muzzle and must be on a leash....blah blah blah---NONSENSE! That was the most stupid thought I ever did regarding my beloved dog.)

The truth is, knowing him and his experience in life before we took him (he came from a shelter in NY and we are his first and ONLY family), the worst thing we can do to him, is to leave him. I might as well put him to eternal sleep before we go, than kill him slowly witn emotional pain of being abandoned once again and missing us every single day of his life.---Honestly, God forbid something really bad happens to him, atleast he knows that we brought him with us.---til death do us part is what I vowed to asawa and my children, but that goes for him too.

Just for sharing my INIS experience:

Some dumb-dumb dared to tell me, "eh what if you bring him, tapos he dies during the trip? eh di nagsayang lang kayo ng pera?!"----lecheng 'to I thought.

Instead of slapping her stupidity out of her non-existent brain, I sharply replied with, "ha? do you mean that if someone you love is sick, and you know that he will die, eh you won't bother paying for a possible way to prolong his life anymore kasi SAYANG din naman?!"

Her answer? "eh iba naman yon kasi tao yon at minamahal mo."

I gave her a cynical smile and flatly answered, "hay nako, kung ikaw lang ang nasa posisyon niya, di ako mamomroblemang iwanan ka."

That said, I turned my back and chatted with someone else. grrr, people can be SO insensitive!

October 04, 2005

A Special Day!

from us three, we wish you all brothers and sisters out there a stressfree, lots of treats, all day-long attention and great playtime W.A.D !

lots of hugs and kisses to: Matilda, Jake, Yuree, Kirei, Boo, PJ, Pao, Murphy, Gretchen, Milli, Collloquy, All Cheryl's babies at her mini zoo,Padme, Meg, Hermes and Jackie if we missed some names, our apologies...


Pet owners throughout the world will be celebrating on October 4th - World Animal Day, the feast day of the Patron Saint of all animals - St. Francis of Assisi.

St Francis, born in 1182 in Assisi, Italy, was the wealthy son of a cloth merchant. In 1206 he rejected all his worldly goods and founded the order of the Franciscan Monks. He loved all God's creatures and called animals his brothers and sisters and it is this love and respect which is celebrated on his Feast Day.

In Rome on World Animal Day, stray dogs are temporarily spared from the city's dog catchers and offered free bones from the butcher!

In Australia, World Animal Day has been set aside to recognise the important role pets play in the everyday lives of millions of Australians.

Over 64% of Australian households have a companion animal which makes Australia one of the most animal-loving nations in the world.

Research has shown that owning a pet is beneficial to health with pet owners living happier less stressed lives than people who do not include a pet in their lifestyle.

The objectives of World Animal Day celebrations are to highlight the enjoyable aspects of pet ownership and to publicly recognise the important contribution animals make to society, yet at the same time enable groups associated with animals to unite in the promotion of responsible ownership.

Many schools throughout the country will be holding a Blessing of the Animals in conjunction with the Pet Week activities co-ordinated by the Australian Veterinary Association. Pet Week will run from 2nd ­ 6th October in all States except W.A and Northern Territory when it will be held between 9th and 13th October.

September 24, 2005

Missing Cha-Cha

Cha-Cha in February 2003. (JAYRED)

I don't have a dog in Switzerland right now, and I don't think I'll ever have one now or ever. First, my strict Hausmeisterin (caretaker) has made it clear to us that no dogs are allowed in our apartment building for "sanitary reasons." Second, I don't think that my pet dog Cha-Cha is replaceable.

Although it has already been more than two years now since Cha-Cha died due to complications after giving birth to her first litter, I still find myself in the grieving stage; the pain of losing her still pierces my heart to this day. So great is the loss that every time I discuss her with my husband or my friends, I still cry.

These days, every time I spot a black, hairy dog that closely resembles Cha-Cha in the neighborhood or in the town center, I get stirred beyond my expectations. I can't help but remember my happy days with Cha-Cha -- playing in my Mom's big garden, eating spaghetti and chocolate cake together during family parties, sleeping side by side in my bedroom, and yes, even joining me in our family Sunday Bible study meetings in the living room. These are priceless memories only true-blue dog lovers can understand.

Cha-Cha was an incidental gift to me given by a journalist-friend. Joining our household in November 1995 as a cute, little pup, she became our constant source of canine joy for many years. We nearly lost her when she suffered from a lung infection during her third month with us, but the local vet was able to revive her.

I will always love Cha-Cha for many reasons. She was there to keep me company in my workroom each time I burned the midnight oil, finishing a report or two for my graduate school. She was there to comfort me every time she "felt" I was in a depressed mode by sitting beside me or on my lap; almost always, her presence would immediately cheer me up. She was there to walk with my Dad -- who's now suffering from Parkinson's Disease -- around the garden and, later, to have afternoon nap sessions with him in our nipa hut. She was there, too, to get rid of the mice in our not-so-well-kept dirty kitchen (this made me think one time that, maybe, Cha-Cha was a cat trapped in a dog's body).

It was hard to leave Cha-Cha for good when I had to migrate to Switzerland in February 2003. The two of us never really had a proper farewell rite just because Cha-Cha refused to say good-bye the afternoon I had to hie off to the international airport. She stayed put under my Mom's car, refusing my incessant pleadings to hug me one last time before my next, indefinite return. That fateful day, she refused to acknowledge the fact that my departure was a start of something long-term or even permanent. She was clearly in denial. So there was no real closure between us, and an e-mail from my sister four months later devastated me completely. "Cha-Cha died," she wrote in her first line. A part of me died, too.

I miss Cha-Cha terribly so, and every time I see her slightly torn picture on my bedside table, my chest tightens again. It's something that my husband cannot fully understand sometimes, this latent grief. Probably because he's a cat person, and probably because in the general scheme of things, it really looks and sounds so trivial.

One can never explain, I guess, the depth and magnitude of losing a dog you have loved so much with all your heart and who (not which) has loved you back with the same intensity. Words are not enough, and there are really no apt words for a generic explanation. For this reason, I can only say: I can never own or love a dog again.

September 18, 2005

Possible Impossibilities

I was inspired to write this after Jayred's "Ukraine's stray dogs" entry. You see, I have always been just a dog lover which in time transformed me to an almost any animal lover. My heart goes out to animals who have not the right home and companions. To the suffering of animals due to people's greed and invasion of their habitat. My belief is, there is always a middleground. I just hope we find it soon enough.

Let me share to all of you a dream of mine which I hope soon enough would be a reality.

I have always dreamt about having a dogfarm. Having had the experience of owning more than a dozen dogs when I was 10...repeating it with twice or thrice the number, wouldn't be a problem. Plus, having a supportive husband who understands my love for animals and a daughter who wants to help animals, too, then I have a more than stable footing. No, it's not to breed dogs, but rather a place where I would get-up in the mornings, get some fresh air and then play and cuddle with them. From the youngest to the oldest, the thinnest to the fattest, the smallest to the biggest, tamest to the wildest, weakest to the doesn't matter. They're all welcome.

Maybe impossible given that I have 3 kids, a household to run, and a part-time job. But well, the willingness in me to do this will cover-up all those "impossibilities" when the time comes.

September 06, 2005

Ukraine's Stray Dogs

Hungry together.

The hearts of genuine dog lovers will break -- and bleed -- in Ukraine.

The former Soviet republic is home to thousands of stray dogs which feed on spoiled food craps in public trash bins. These skinny, smelly mongrels are a common sight in the country where a number of their human counterparts (i.e. the homeless beggars) are just as hungry.

However, it is not uncommon to see struggling pensioners (getting as little as USD60.00 a month or even less) plying their small trade on busy sidewalks with their new-found canine companions.

The irony is, a number of kind-hearted babushkas (grannies), who need personal care themselves, have their own dog-related advocacy: they do their best to feed the poor creatures with the meager 'earnings' they get from selling a few vegetables, flowers or sunflower seeds.

And almost always, it's tough to share one's blessings when business is not good. Food for both master and adopted dogs can be really scarce.

One thing that might comfort animal lovers is the fact that Ukrainians, in general, don't feast on askals (street dogs) the way some barbaric Filipinos do.

'Dog orphanage' in Kyiv. (Photos by Sarita Ladios)

August 29, 2005

My Boo

Here are a couple of pictures of my Boo...


Gotta keep myself pest free


This was PJ's second day with me, when I got home from work and class. I had a long day so I dozed off...she crawled up on my neck and fell asleep with me. See how small she was?

Here are a few shots of PJ when she first arrived at my apartment. She's a menace as you can see. Well, she's a puppy anyway...she's excused...for now...:P

Now lemme see if I can drag this thing around....

Uh oh I think she can see me....


August 25, 2005

Wow! It's been a while since my last post. I'm out of the country right now.. away from our babies.. :( My sister sent me a recent photo of Pao though. :) He's already 8months old. Isn't he adorable? Miss him soo much!

August 22, 2005

hello from seoul, south korea!

yup, we are still alive and kicking!

i know it has been quite some time since our last post here, blame it on forgotten usernames and passwords, i would have been posting every week, had i a better functioning brain! teehehhee

anywhoo, matilda and i are okay. we are all geared up for her upcoming september 3rd birthday party. i would have invited other ferrets and ferret humans, but sad to say, we know nobody who falls in that category except our own jacob, gizmo and mommy thess, who happen to live several thousands of miles away from us!

matilda has already received some of her birthday presents.

she got a ferret freeway from us (mom and dad), several tubes of ferretvite and nutri-cal (vitamin supplements!) from her vet and the nurses, five new hammocks and winter dresses from my mama, and a brand new carrying bag from one of my good friends. i am thinking if i should get her a playpad or a piano, but hubby told me to grab a hold of my senses, and think about christmas and new year, and other birthdays!

geez..i think i DO get carried away!

here are some of her latest pictures. i hope you enjoy them. :D

now, if we trim it a little here and tuck a bit here...i'm sure i can fit into these...!

the ferret freeway...i wasn't even able to gift wrap it!

let go, mommy! this is MY chocolate cookie!

and this is my banana, too!

and, oh, before we forget, YOU are invited to the party, too!

so be there, or be square!


YuRee's makeover!

it's been a while since he had his last haircut. the last time, i had them shave it all off...and i don't think he liked it. he's not used to it, he'd rather have his spaniel cut. YuRee is hyperactive as expected, but i'm proud to say he's well behaved when being groomed professionally and when i actually give him a bath. he has all the patience when i have to blowdry his hair, that takes forever. his appointment usually last at least for three hours. do i like his new haircut? i do...but if i'll have the chance to have hiroko-san to groom him again, i wouldn't think twice, heehee!

two days before his makeover, he had his vet appointment too for his annual check-up. he had his rabies and booster shots as well. he's healthy and everything looks great as per his vet (teeth, gums, ears...). although the vet had to emphasize more on his ears, since cocker spaniel are prone to ear infection. and he gained 5 lbs. since we got here, he's now 33 lbs. my oh my! when we were in japan, he maintained his 28 lbs. fugure, as in everytime they weigh him it stayed the same. he's still on his ideal weight though and his waist is still prominent, hahaha.

so, this is YuRee's much needed makeover =)

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August 21, 2005

What I'll always remember

This is the first time I've written here since she's left. I can't find the strength in me to write each and every account or to even remember the whole ordeal. Some people would think that I've completely lost my mind to be feeling the way I feel, even until now. The truth is, the memories burn like fire through me and I can't breathe. It hurts. I try to look at the beauty of it all, the beauty in those wonderful memories but they are soon clouded by the vivid pictures of her life slipping away before me.

In my life, never have I seen such a painful sight of losing someone I love most dearly. I have never seen the ones I love slowly slip away from me, in a hospital, where there was nothing I could do. I have never seen so much pain...til that very night. It was a moment I experienced that would make me suffer for a lifetime.

She sneezed out blood. We had long known that she has not been in good health. She was given to my family that way. It was surprising how she lasted for 14 years. I received a phone call from my girlfriend. I was at work. She left me a voice message and asked me to call right away. I was frantic by the sound of her voice. I called as soon as I got the message. She had given me the news that my dog has been sneezing out blood and she refuses to eat. I broke down and said: "We have to bring her to the vets." At the time, my family was on a business trip. I made a long distance call to my Mother and I ran all the way home after. I took my bagpack from work and the only thing I said was: "I gotta go." I ran past every traffic light and I didn't stop running til I got home. My hands shook and I tried so hard to steady it with the other for my key to slip into the lock of my door. I was so scared and I didn't know what to expect.

I opened the door and there she was. She stood up and barked for me like she always did when I got home. I fell on my knees, broke down in tears and picked her up and hugged her so tightly and said to her: "Hang in there...please...for me...promise me, you'll be'll be okay." My girlfriend, Cris, was suprised that my little munchkin got up for me. She said that the dog had been lifeless since I had left for work in the morning. I was gasping for air and I couldn't breathe properly but I was relieved that she was in my arms. I crushed some pellets and fed the food to her with my hand. She ate from my palm. Then I gave her some water...Cris said that she refused to eat while I was out working.

While Cris was getting ready, I made a phonecall the the vets' and made an appointment. Soon, I dressed my dog up in her jacket, the jacket she wore in the picture I had previously posted in this site. I stuffed some food and towels in my bagpack and we were on our way. We took a cab there. When we reached the place, I filled up some forms and they took some information about her. They needed to get some blood from her. I almost died when they poked the needle through her neck. They did it repeatedly because they couldn't draw out the blood they needed. I turned and faced the wall as I cried my heart out. I couldn't stand to see her in so much pain. Finally, the nurse decided to take her into the other room. When she got back, a patch of fur was shaved off of my little dog's neck and I could see a number of needle marks on the shaved area of her skin.

The doctor could not identify what was the main cause of her nosebleed. He did however, said that she had a liver infection and he gave her a shot and prescriptions. I also bought some food recommended by the doctor. He suggested that we could have her stay in the hospital but after speaking with my Mom over the phone, we decided to take her home for the night and go back 2 days later to have another check up. On our way home, we passed by a pet store. I wanted to cheer her up, so we went in and I asked her to pick out the goodies that she wanted to eat. She chose a pack of doggy cheese cubes and some sausages. In the cab, on our way home, I fed them to her and she ate like there was no tomorrow. I thought she'd be okay...but sadly, I was wrong. She didn't last that long...she couldn't...

The next day, while at work, Cris called again. I took off from work and once again I found myself running past every traffic light, bumping into people and things as I kept running. I told Cris to arrange an emergency appointment but the only available slot was 2 hours later. There wasn't much else we could do because other clinics close at around 4-5pm. It was already about 5pm that time. We had to wait. They said that they would arrange us for the first appointment of the evening. When we got there, they didn't entertain us right away. It was at least 830pm when we got our turn. They said that they would give us the 8 o'clock schedule. I could feel her in my arms growing weak. Her ears were red and the breath that dampened my arm was so warm. I looked into her eyes and I could see that she was having a hard time. They were bloodshot. I began to lose myself. I was screaming at the receptionist and swearing at the top of my lungs.

When the doctor had a look at her. He didn't seem to be optimistic himself. He just said..."She appears to be very ill but we'll do what we can to help her. She has to stay here tonight and we have to run further tests." Then, a man took her away. It took hours until I saw her again. This time, when I saw her, she was in an incubator. She seemed alright. She seemed lively. The doctor said he was surprised she got up. I think she was just trying to be strong for me. She probably knew that my heart couldn't stand seeing her in such a weak state. She was standing up and trying to get out of her incubator. She wanted to come to me. The only thing I could do was watch and put my hand on the glass. I stuck my forehead on the glass and whispered: "I love you." Then, I put my hand on the cold glass and she kept licking it. She wanted me to hold her but I couldn't. It was already 1 am. The doctor said that the tests weren't done yet. We could go home and rest first and they'd call us. We decided to go home. The last thing I said to her was: "Hang in there, I'll see you soon and I'll take you home. Everything will be okay."

On our way home, we picked up some food for dinner. When we got home, our other dog, Boo, was looking for her. She sniffed our clothes, ran round the apartment and she kept staying by the door. It was as if she was waiting for her friend to come in. We took Boo downstairs for her nightly walk. I felt empty. I couldn't eat much. I didn't have the appetite even though I had eaten only 1 meal that day. I tried to get some sleep but when I had finally fallen asleep. We received a phone call from the vet. It was 3am.

My little angel had had a heartattack and she went into seizure and passed out. Her heart stopped beating for a while but they brought her back and she was in a coma. The doctor said that I shouldn't come for my own sake and that she's stable. While running some tests, her heart gave out. I lay in bed, crying my eyes out and I couldn't help myself. I buried my face in my pillow, curled up and cried so hard. I couldn't breathe. I just kept crying. I cried myself to sleep that night.

At 940am, while we were on the way to the vets, we received another phone call. This time, it got worse. The lady on the phone said my dog passed away 5 minutes ago. I couldn't believe it. I screamed:"WHAT?????" Then I hung up and fell on the floor, on my knees with my forehead to the cold, wooden floors and my hands over my head, screaming: "She's dead, she's gone...she's dead..." I called my Mom and told her the news. I couldn't say anything else but "she's dead." My Mom kept telling me to pull myself together but I kept crying.

As the cab made it's way to the street where I'd find my little dog, tears continued to stream down my cheeks. My knees were weak and I couldn't walk straight. I went to the receptionist and said, "I have a black pomeranian, I got a call..." The lady cut me off and told me that I may go inside. She lead me to the room. I walked up to the incubator. The machines were turned off and as I moved closer, there she was, wrapped in a white towel with her eyes open. I could see the light from her eyes was gone. She was gone. Her eyes, once so full of love, were dead still and empty. I fell against the incubator and held myself up with my arms against the metal railing. I kept repeating to myself: "'m so sorry...I'm so sorry..." I kissed her on the head. I tried to close her eyes but they wouldn't shut. I think she was waiting for me but she couldn't fight it anymore. She had to give in. It's hard to remember, I'm choking back tears right now as I continue to type this. I kissed her head and I said: "I love you...I'll miss you...thank you for everything...I'm so sorry..." I took away all the tubes strapped to her. I pulled them away. I took off the bright pink bandage they'd wrap around her arm, where they put in the dextrose tube. I put it in my pocket...something to remember her by. I took a moment and wrapped her in that white towel and took her out of the incubator. I held on to her lifeless body as I kissed her on her head.

I put her back down and we went to the reception area. The receptionist said that if we'd like to speak with the doctor, she'd be available soon. The doctor who took care of my dog had already gotten off shift. Her case was passed onto a female vet. I walked into her office with Cris and I asked what happened. She said: "Well, everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong." They couldn't identify the main cause of her breakdown because she was seriously ill. The vet said she was surprised that the dog lasted for 14 years. The problems that she had should have been there for years. I had only had her for months. I kept crying and I had to take a while to breathe and calm down so I could speak. The vet was almost in tears because she could see how hard it was for me. She said: "You have a good heart to take in such a sick dog. I'm sure she knows you love her. You gave her a chance." We agreed that the hospital could dispose of the body. We live in a city, where else could I have her buried?

On our way home, I tried to keep the tears from falling. I wasn't talking and I was just thinking to myself...thinking about all the pain she'd been through. Cris couldn't stand seeing me like that. She said we'd go walk around the area. She wanted to buy me another dog. We went into each pet store we passed by. We finally saw this one dog that we both thought was cute. She was a pomeranian, too. Cris wanted to find the closest ATM machine to get cash. When we went back to the pet store, we asked if we could see the dog...touch her. The lady opened the cage and gave the dog to me. The dog was immediately all over me and the first thing she did was grab my nose. We thought: "She's the one." So, we bought her.

Jaja passed away on the 29th March, 2005. On that same day, we took PJ home. On the cab ride home, we were deciding what to name her. As usual, Cris thought of all these cutesy-horrible names to give a dog. I think the dog didn't like the names either. She wasn't responding to the names anyway. We used to call jaja "potskie" so I gave it a go. While the new dog was walking around the cab seat, I called her "Potskie" then she looked at me. So then, we named her PJ. P junior that is. Strange name for a female dog but oh well, it works. When we got home, we put PJ down so she could see her new home. She immediately chased our Boo around. I took the bright pink band of Jaja out of my pocket and wrote: "Potskie 29/3/2005" on it. Then I put it in my desk drawer and until now, I still keep it there. I still keep her clothes here and I carry her picture in my wallet. I'll always remember the joy she brought in my life and I know I'll never forget the sight of her laying there in that incubator for the rest of my life. I still miss her. I know I always will.

August 18, 2005

sweet face

she'd already been fed, so she just wanted a bit of caressing and stroking. i love when she comes up to us just to cuddle and give us a ticklish lick.

August 13, 2005


Image hosted by
One LittLe two LittLe three LittLe four LittLe babies

Image hosted by

One of kirei's first pictures when she was given to us

See the resembLance?

After one month, one week and six days, four LittLe spitzlets, as I fondly call them, who used to wake me up in the morning with their simultaneous and sometimes chaotic high-pitched cries, are no longer complete. We're now left with two little babies, who will, in the next few days be given to my nephews and niece. Missing them will also mean crying for their absence.

The feeling was like that of a parent whose child will get marry and settle to another place. Taking care of them will be temporary only...for sooner or later they will leave you and will be too far from your sight. But you know you can see them again, either by visiting them or the other way around. And when you see them grow up gracefully, you'll know the vision you have for them was achieved. You will smile then...

August 09, 2005


While Kirei is busy nursing her little ones, I'd like you to meet the big baby of our family...

Image hosted by
Don't be deceived by her Looks, she's one playfuL doggie!

August 05, 2005

green eyed beauty

murphy cooling off in front of the fan.

she's now 13 years old and still in good health, enjoying her catdom: patrolling upstairs and downstairs at night, finding cool places to "chill" during these hot summer days. almost every summer i'd been trimming the top layer of fur on her body only but this year decided just to keep her as well combed as possible. we don't want her to look like a lemur again.

August 02, 2005

My kitten

Her name is Milli (from Milli Vanilli :p)
She's just 2 months old and has been in my house since last Saturday.
She's so cute and adorable :)

July 31, 2005

Puss in Boots

a long over due post :)

just wanted to share a pic of my cat.

Image hosted by

she has this thing for flowers. i dunno why *lol*

note fr. admin 1: dearest joei, image was resized to fit our theme

July 21, 2005

Right to live??

My first posting in this blog. Thank you for Thess for letting me join this blog Image hosted by

One of the TV channels that amuses me is Animal Planet. Maybe it sounds weird for you guys who live in America, but for me, an Indonesian animal lover, it's just too good to be true.

From the Animal Cops show, I just found out that when a dog is recovered from the injury, he will have a test which will improve whether he's suitable for an adoption or not. The dog will be given food, the tester will "approach" the dog by a hand-like stick. When the dog becomes agressive by that, he is not approved for adoption. I watched one dog that failed the test and had to be "killed" afterward. What do you think of this? Maybe it costs a fortune to run an animal nursery, but if an animal is not suitable for adoption, shouldn't they have been given a chance to live?Image hosted by

July 08, 2005

World's Ugliest (only on the outside!) Dog

post moved fr. my personal site

on today's dutch newspaper, I've read a short article about the world's ugliest dog, then I searched for the english version and here's what I've found

The owners of the other contestants in this year's World's Ugliest Dog Contest may have thought their pooches had a chance - until they saw Sam.

The 14-year-old pedigreed Chinese crested recently won the Sonoma-Marin Fair contest in Petaluma for the third consecutive time, and it's no surprise.

The tiny dog has no hair, if you don't count the yellowish-white tuft erupting from his head. His wrinkled brown skin is covered with splotches, a line of warts marches down his snout, his blind eyes are an alien, milky white and a fleshy flap of skin hangs from his withered neck. And then there's the Austin Powers teeth that jut at odd angles from his mouth.

He's so ugly even the judges recoiled when he was placed on the judging table, said his proud owner, Susie Lockheed of Santa Barbara.

"People are always horrified when I kiss him. He may turn into a prince yet. He's definitely a toad," she said. "I always thought he'd be great on greeting cards or on a commercial for Rogaine."

Sam, who's
pushing 15, has something of a cult following after winning the contest - and fans' hearts - for three years running. Last year, huge crowds gathered around Sam and Lockheed at a local parade, and Lockheed said she received letters and calls about her pup for weeks.

"So many people have told me they've got his picture on their refrigerator. He certainly has a little cult following," she said. "I did years of professional musical theater and never achieved the fame Sam has."

Sam will appear in this weekend's Fourth of July parade in Santa Barbara, but the recent events may be the cap on a long, ugly career. Lockheed says Sam's now suffering from congestive heart failure, lung and kidney problems and has slowed down in his twilight years.

and here's SAM


poor Sam, I hope he lives longer but if suffering from pain then I don't want it for him. If somebody would ask me if I could love, kiss, cuddle or even walk on the street with Sam, my answer is YES OF COURSE! with pride! Dogs are one of God's creatures that give love unconditionally. I can honestly say that dogs are far more loving and humane than some people I came across with.

June 29, 2005

Charlie's 1st Birthday!

My little Charlie celebrated his first birthday last June 10!

- my excuses for not posting about it on time..or should I say for not posting for many weeks now?, bad bad mama, I know-
A nice doggy like Charlie sure deserved a little celebration to mark his first birthday, so my husband and I decided to give him a small party, with his friend Sjimmie (a bouvier des flandres) as special guest.
Charlie had a lot of fun that day, played for hours with Shimmie that we had to separate them a couple of times whenever Charlie would start to pant so hard that we were afraid he'd collapse, the little puggy's really relentless when it comes to playing!

Shimmie's gift for Charlie were two packages of doggy bacon treats while from us, he's got a new 'sofa' (that he totally ignores or use) and a basket so that he could go biking with us, positioned just on my bike's tail...( Charlie by the way, finds biking a 'hohum, an utter bore' that he actually fell asleep the first time we took him for a round. )

Charlie and Sjimmie

These two are just crazy about each other!

and for Charlie's party, I baked him two treats, both recipes I found on the internet...I first baked LIVER BROWNIES that's w/ liver, corn meal, flour, fresh garlic and water- they both liked the brownies and then I followed it with...
DOGGY CAKE and that's with chicken fillet, yellow rice, carrots, green beans, parsley, eggs, garlic, oil, wheat flour and vanilla

Charlie's Doggy Cake

Sjimmie gulped half of the cake in less than a minute and was even 'carrying' a doggy bag when he went home. I was told that he had the piece of cake for breakfast the following morning and was fully satisfied, also had a garlicy breath the entire morning.
While Charlie spent the following day sleeping, he was happy but tired.

June 23, 2005

flower power!  Posted by Hello

June 22, 2005


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my apology for not posting right away when i got my invitation. first, i would like to thank you guys for the invitation to be part of this wonderful site. YuRee was delighted, heehee.

let me start with his bio...he's a cocker spaniel and was born on 23 september 2002. let me do the math...that makes him 2 years and 9 months old. we had him in may of 2003 while we were in japan. i rejected the idea of having a pet when my husband (james) told me about Yuree (still hario at that time). YuRee was originally with the rivers' family and paid fortune when they got him. unfortunately, they have three kids and both of them are working and they don't have extra set of hands to take care of him. they don't want to neglect him and just give it to somebody they don't know. james and mrs. rivers worked together and started talking about YuRee's case. james told me about it and i said no, because during my younger years we had a family dog (iking) and eventually died because of sickness. but despite my rejection, james brought YuRee home. it was love at first sight and i felt bad for rejecting him at first. we paid a tenth of the portion only or i can say, it was almost a give away. we just love YuRee so much. adjusting to him was hard at first. it was like having a baby...literally. james would wake up at 5am because YuRee needs to go p**p! when james loses his patience, he would always say he would give YuRee away, but would take it back once YuRee goes back to his well-behaved mood. i'm always the middle man between them. YuRee listens to me more than to james, heehee.

what's with the name YuRee? everything fell into places with his name. my mom was visiting us when we had YuRee. when james brought him home, my mom was watching a TFC soap opera. one of the main casts name was atty. yuri orbida. although yuri is a girl's name in japan, we still named him YuRee since we got him in japan (do i make sense here?). but everybody who knew we came from japan, would understand why we named him YuRee, they said because it sounded like a japanese name (sans the soap opera story behind) heehee.

when we had to moved back to the states (california) last year, no questions asked... he's coming with us! he is now a permanent residence of united states and he's loving it, hahaha. although he miss hiroko-san, his groomer and sitter back in japan, he's adjusting really well.

this is it for now and we should be back for more adventures. again thank you guys for welcoming us.

May 11, 2005


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Kirei...with her so-called "boyfriend" Ice

My baby had her menarche (the term for the first menstruation) last month. And since she was being chased by our neighbors' dogs whenever she would escape when our gate opens, we decided to set her on vacation to find her lovelife, and that is ICE, a fellow spitz which is owned by my dear bestfriend.

So they lived together in the same house (that of Ice's) and since Kirei is not used to being locked inside, she struggled to escape one time, and won't let Anne or her Uncle catch her. She really waited for me and Tatay to come and fetch her. I saw her wating for us outside and jumped to the car at the sight of her mommy. That was Day2.

A week has passed and Kirei seemed to be acclimatized with her new environment, though there seemed to be no signs still that she and Ice have mated successfully. I haven't visited her for a while and when I had the chance...that was the 10th day, she was really eager to go escape again, not mnding if her whole body would be trapped in between the rails of ice's house. And when Ice had the chance to force himself into Kirei, I heard my baby cried. No! I will take her home. She's not yet ready for her mizuage (it's the Japanese term i think, which i read in a novel for the defloration).

So now, Kirei stays with us. A bit weird that she's not that lively anymore. I miss her kakulitan, the hyper aspect of her, which is slowly coming back. I know my baby has really returned. I will have to set her free at another time when she is more prepared.

Right now, I will concentrate in taking care of her and be ready for her upcoming birthday!

April 26, 2005

Baby's Day Out!

enjoying the sun and her "freedom" Posted by Hello

Two Saturdays ago, I have decided to take Matilda to the mini park in front of the museum near our house. (It used to house the Belgian embassy) Since the weather started getting warmer, Matilda has been growing restless, and stays awake longer than what is considered "normal". I dont know if ferrets have this kind of cycle (hibernating in the winter and waking up in spring,etc..), but Matilda is a lot more hyper nowadays. I think she needs a little excursion, to save my house from going to pieces!
Since, darling hubby is dying to stay at home to have some peace and quiet, Matilda and I took this opportunity to do some "mom-daughter" bonding. I packed my bag with our necessities (food, treats, water, squeaky toys, camera, towel, baby wipes, first aid kit and a picnic blanket) and strapped the little one to her harness, and made her walk the normally 7 minute stroll to the museum (took us 20 minutes to get there! she is one very curious crittter!).
I was going to take the opportunity to take lotsa pictures, and make the little fuzzbutt spend her over abundant supply of energy, frolicking in the grass. I was thinking that I will be going home with matilda comfortably snoring, and cuddled in my arms.
I was soooo wrong!
Her tail was bottle brushed the whole time, an indication that she is sooo excited, and she was jumping and doing all sorts of tumbling and funny movements that only ferrets can manage to pull. She refused to pose for pictures, and wouldn't even come near me even with the aid of a squeaky toy plus a treat!
She was pretty oblivious to the crowd of gawking kids, and would chase every falling petal of the cherry blossoms, running and diving, alligator rolling, and just exibiting pure unadulterated bliss! I was so happy watching her have so much fun. I wish I could get another ferret (an impossible thing! hubby is allergic to fur, and suffers a lot with Matilda around, our house is too small to accomodate another furricane, and raising another pet will take a toll on my minimal income household! haaaay...) and double the fun that she and I are experiencing.
It was truly a fun day, and I had to drag her hissing and screaming home!

April 13, 2005

meet matilda "poopoo" park!

cutie pie!
cutie pie!,
originally uploaded by annabanana1.

hello animal lovers!
i have been visiting this site for quite sometime before i was able to summon enough courage to ask to be a contributor.
you see, i'm an animal lover, too! i have spent most of my childhood in the company of feathered, furrie, and scaly friends.
this time, i'm sharing my living quarters with my hubby and our beautiful darling "daughter", matilda.
she came to our life last december, and has since dominated it.
she is a 7 month old sable ferret, full of energy and always on the lookout for a chance to do mischief.
in south korea, where we live, there aren't very many ferrets and ferret owners. one of my motivating factor in blogging about ferts (and joining an animal lovers' group), is to let others know more about this wonderful furry specie, and hopefully get to know more ferret parents and afficionados.

this is all for now, matilda and i will be back --- soon!

dooks to all!

March 26, 2005

Dog Behavior Study

The University of Texas at Austin is doing a research project on dog behavior. They are looking for dog owners like us to participate in the study by answering a questionaire. Here's a short summary of the project:
"Currently, we are designing a questionnaire for the assessment of personality in dogs. Once this questionnaire is completed, we aim to use it to answer a variety of research questions, from what characterizes the best explosives detection dogs and guide dogs, to what types of breed-specific personality traits truly exist, to whether there are specific "types" of dogs who often end up in rescues and shelters. However, to create a reliable and valid dog personality questionnaire, we need thousands of dog owners to fill out the initial version of our on-line questionnaire, which is quite lengthy, and to give us feedback."

If you are interested in participating, just click on the link.

March 17, 2005

Our BUDDY-guard, JAKE

It is of great honor to be part of this site where animal lovers meet!
Image hosted by

Having a 17 month old toddler and a 7-yr. old wolf-dog, Trust counts! You see, even before C2 and C3 were born, we already had Jake. We adopted him when we were still living in New York on 1998, and brought him all the way here (Germany) on 2000. And since the time we had him, there is no way I could even imagine NOT having him around.

He loves our family above all. He opens the front door for me when I accidentally leave my keys. He once protected me from 3 psychos bad people in New Jersey. He blocked a rottweiler who was on the loose and was aiming for my daughter. He once helped my sister from robbers who wanted to enter our home. He is my bunso C3's sled puller in the snow. He is, he is, he is....PRICELESS!

this is just an introduction of our many escapades.

March 11, 2005

Rest my little angel.

Danielle June 1999- March 10, 2005

Dear familyand friends, yesterday at 1:50 in the afternoon my Danielle has finally gone home...home where pain does not exist.
Maybe in the near future I can share with you her last moments...moments that made me and my husband more proud of her.
We love you so much Danielle, that not having you with us really hurts... but we know that you're in a better place now...that gives us comfort. Rest our little angel.

March 01, 2005

no one dares...

just wanted to share with you, my 6-month-old Tibetan Terrier "YUKI". this pretty girl is the best guard dog underneath that snow white fluff.

February 12, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

Kitty Valentines wishes to everyone from Nala and Shamus! Posted by Hello

If you would like to send warm, fuzzy, and furry Valentines e-greetings this year, visit the website of the American Humane Association. They have great e-cards that you can send for free!

February 09, 2005


I got bored and thought of posting her pics here. The last post was a little too dark. I hope this looks better now. That's her in one her favorite outfits.


Jaja again

January 27, 2005

Ever Want to Help a Chained Dog?

This morning I received a wonderful e-mail from the folks at Best Friends Animal Society. They operate out of Kenab, Utah and run a wonderful "forever" animal sanctuary. They are assisting a group with a special Valentine's Day project for chained dogs and are asking everyone to participate. I thought I would share the information with those of you here as well. Together we can make a difference. Read on for details below:

Dogs Deserve Better Announces its Third Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week, February 7-14.

Dogs Deserve Better, a nonprofit working to bring dogs into the home and family, has designated Valentine's Week, February 7-14th, "Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week."

The group is striving to raise awareness for chained and penned dogs in a positive delivering a Valentine, a brochure and a treat to dogs living outside all over the U.S. as well as in other countries where they have representation, such as Canada and Australia.

Dogs Deserve Better seeks to mail and/or hand deliver more than 3000 Valentines, in this, its third season. In 2004 the group delivered over 2400 Valentines to chained or penned dogs.

Tammy S. Grimes, founder of Dogs Deserve Better, states, “Last year, elementary students made 500 of our valentines, which were a touchingly successful addition to our campaign. This year we’d like all 3000 valentines to be hand-made, and we're seeking interested elementary teachers and students nationwide, as well as groups such as girl and boy scouts, to create Valentines for the chained dogs. The students and groups gain a sense of accomplishment from creating for the dogs, and our hope is that more and more dog caretakers are educated as a result of the children's efforts.”

All Valentines are needed at the Dogs Deserve Better headquarters in Tipton, PA by February 7th, and must fit into an A10 envelope when folded. Any group who would like to participate should e-mail or call 814.941.7447 for further details.

Dogs Deserve Better invites any interested volunteers nationwide to deliver Valentines to local chained dogs. Volunteers can also provide the group with addresses of dogs in need of a Valentine and treat.

Those interested in sponsoring Valentines for the chained dogs may go to to help one or more of the many wonderful dogs living alone outside in our country.

Please spread the word about this special week!

Thank you for being a part of our Network and for any help you can provide.


Deborah Delgado-Hand
No More Homeless Pets
Best Friends Animal Society
5001 Angel Canyon
Kanab, Utah 84741
(435) 644-3965 ext. 4401

January 22, 2005

Fresh Poster

First off, I'd like to say "thank you" to Thess for the invite to contribute to this great blog! My name is Cheryl, and I love animals. Now when I say I love animals, that should actually read I LOVE ANIMALS!! In fact, I love them so much, that I've managed to create what I jokingly refer to as my own private "zoo". Here's the quick listing of the pets that live in my home with my husband, Casey, and me. Four dogs (1 Schipperke, 1 Chihuahua, 1 Cocker Spaniel, and 1 Jack Russell mix, all of which were rescues), seven cats (all rescues), and eighteen lizards (9 Leopard Geckos, 3 Bearded Dragons, 5 Crested Geckos, and 1 Madagascan Gecko). I admit it's quite a houseful, but I truly ENJOY every minute of it. I've volunteered for my local shelter and humane association, since I was in high school. I help as many animals as I can, and it is my dream to one day win the lottery and open my own animal sanctuary. I always keep up with animal legislation across the US and other countries, and I'm a sucker for an animal story with a happy ending. I have my own blog dedicated to my home life with my pets and my husband called Richardson Zoo. I'll more than likely be posting pet related articles and tips, along with pictures of my zoo at home. Here are a few of my fur kids:

Bear, the Schipperke

Rose, the Bearded Dragon

Phoebe, One of the seven cats.