April 26, 2005

Baby's Day Out!

enjoying the sun and her "freedom" Posted by Hello

Two Saturdays ago, I have decided to take Matilda to the mini park in front of the museum near our house. (It used to house the Belgian embassy) Since the weather started getting warmer, Matilda has been growing restless, and stays awake longer than what is considered "normal". I dont know if ferrets have this kind of cycle (hibernating in the winter and waking up in spring,etc..), but Matilda is a lot more hyper nowadays. I think she needs a little excursion, to save my house from going to pieces!
Since, darling hubby is dying to stay at home to have some peace and quiet, Matilda and I took this opportunity to do some "mom-daughter" bonding. I packed my bag with our necessities (food, treats, water, squeaky toys, camera, towel, baby wipes, first aid kit and a picnic blanket) and strapped the little one to her harness, and made her walk the normally 7 minute stroll to the museum (took us 20 minutes to get there! she is one very curious crittter!).
I was going to take the opportunity to take lotsa pictures, and make the little fuzzbutt spend her over abundant supply of energy, frolicking in the grass. I was thinking that I will be going home with matilda comfortably snoring, and cuddled in my arms.
I was soooo wrong!
Her tail was bottle brushed the whole time, an indication that she is sooo excited, and she was jumping and doing all sorts of tumbling and funny movements that only ferrets can manage to pull. She refused to pose for pictures, and wouldn't even come near me even with the aid of a squeaky toy plus a treat!
She was pretty oblivious to the crowd of gawking kids, and would chase every falling petal of the cherry blossoms, running and diving, alligator rolling, and just exibiting pure unadulterated bliss! I was so happy watching her have so much fun. I wish I could get another ferret (an impossible thing! hubby is allergic to fur, and suffers a lot with Matilda around, our house is too small to accomodate another furricane, and raising another pet will take a toll on my minimal income household! haaaay...) and double the fun that she and I are experiencing.
It was truly a fun day, and I had to drag her hissing and screaming home!

April 13, 2005

meet matilda "poopoo" park!

cutie pie!
cutie pie!,
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hello animal lovers!
i have been visiting this site for quite sometime before i was able to summon enough courage to ask to be a contributor.
you see, i'm an animal lover, too! i have spent most of my childhood in the company of feathered, furrie, and scaly friends.
this time, i'm sharing my living quarters with my hubby and our beautiful darling "daughter", matilda.
she came to our life last december, and has since dominated it.
she is a 7 month old sable ferret, full of energy and always on the lookout for a chance to do mischief.
in south korea, where we live, there aren't very many ferrets and ferret owners. one of my motivating factor in blogging about ferts (and joining an animal lovers' group), is to let others know more about this wonderful furry specie, and hopefully get to know more ferret parents and afficionados.

this is all for now, matilda and i will be back --- soon!

dooks to all!