October 25, 2004


That's how Charlie my PUGngit is nowadays, a baby no more! Today is his second month with us and we just love him too much, sometimes it's too much...but it feels fantastic! I still remember the day we got him, less than a foot long and weighing over a kilo. He probably weighs 6-8 kilos now.

I've checked his front teeth tonight, yep! he's lost his 4 front teeth 2 up and 2 down. THEYIE, if you can read this, MAMASANGRE is correct to say that KIREI is teething that why she's a bit 'abnoxious' right now, and it's true too that she'll sink her teeth in to any available object around her. Please let me share with you what we do with Charlie's teething and potty training.

- We do not get mad and start yelling at the puppy when he starts to munch on the furniture, slippers, chairs, edges of the stairway, our pants or anything. Instead with a firm voice, we say 'BAD' and move him AWAY. It's really up to us to do that since pugs can be stubborn and at times will not listen. Then we give him something to munch on like dried pig's skin stick which is available at any pets shop. This skin is also good for his itchy gums.

the reason why Charlie's always have something in his mouth, dawgie is teething!

The Mafia boss!

- Play with him. That's important to keep him from being bored and starts to munch on things just to get our attention. Playing is also important for him to spend his energy.

- Puppies are so energetic! I've read a pugsy article that pugs do not need to be walked frequently and they do not bark a lot. Charlie is just the opposite. He is so alive and enjoys the walks. He'll begin it by barking out loud as if telling everyone: " Here I am, here I am! Come on out you guys!" That's why he's pretty muscular, thanks to the movements and he eats well but not turning fat.

- We walk him out several times a day, 5 times averagely for his potty training. This will lessen when he becomes older. We reward him for doing his potty outside and give him a bit of scolding when he does it inside. Puppies can't control it yet so it's important for Charlie to have a regulated time for eating and then potty. And this is also important for him to learn the neighborhood, see other people and other dogs. He is crazy about kids especially and kids are to him.

But really, the key here is spending time training the puppy. And that ensures success. My husband and I were so confident that he'll never wet our bed that as early as his second week with us ( he was almost 3 months then ) we allowed him to sleep with us. He did no accidents and now sleeping with us is normal, and Charlie even gets most of the space.

Charlie napping on husband's belly

Dear THEYIE, if you can't find the pigs skin sticks, may I suggest that you buy them fresh without fat, clean and boil it to reduce the remaining fat and slice them about half inch in thickness and 5 inches long ...let them dry in the sun. When it's totally dry, it's ready for your puppy to chew. Also if you can get Kirei some toys, like rubber balls or anything that is not dangerous for puppies. She'll appreciate that.


I've edited some parts, very very sleepy when I did the post last night..see the difference mamasangre? ^_^


mama sangre said...

hi thess! wow charlie has grown! it was the same with noah, first he was so small (he was really just a pup when i got him from the shelter) then suddenly he's too big to sit on my lap!:p

yep, the dried pig's skin is great, i used that too with noah during that stage, and i also gave him rubber stuff with chicken flavor, but SIGH, he preferred my sofa, haha. i think coz my scent was all over the place.

great job on the training thess! what a responsible parent you are. that's one thing i noticed with the dogs' stories at the shelter -- they just didn't get proper training and were therefore considered 'bad'.

keep up the good work, tiring and exasperating though it may be. dogs want nothing more than to please their masters but we have to teach them how to do that, am i right? hugs for charlie...:) and jacob, danielle and gizmo too of course! how are they?

tHeYiE said...

thanks you for the useful info, ate thess. kirei is already 3 months and 27 days now, so i thought that she has already passed the teething process.

since i seldom stay at home, i don't get to see her that often. but when i find her doing naughty things, i actually talk to her, read: BABY TALK and try not to scold her. i even told her that she should confide in me when she meets her crush. =)

i have trained her as to where she should pee and defecate when she was still staying at my room. and i was glad that she learned well. then she started to explore my rest room, and attacked my facial wash, my sponge pumice..she bit the box of my sandals, the magazines and newspapers. so tatay transfered her to the terrace, and she started biting and scratching the bar area. huhu...we give her toys to keep herself busy and i even bought her something to strengthen her teeth from the pet store.

when i'm at work, i dunno how tatay or nanay handles her. i'm really surprised to see her grow up so fast. when she arrived, she was just more than 2 kilos and she weighs almost 5 kilos now.

i will be spending more time with her now coz i changed my work sked already,less load for me. goodluck to me.

kisses to charlie, jacob,danielle and gizmo. and also to mama sangre's noah. >hugs<

Thess said...

Hi Theyie! you & Kirei have the greetings too from me & my kids ^_^

didn't we all strated out giving baby talks to our little rascals? ha! ha! sounds like Kirei is one energetic puppy! I think she needs to release lots of energy (btw, ano ba race nya? eh baka naman sya yung tipo na hindi mapapakali sa isang tabi like dalmatian, then mommy Theyie, time to put on that gym attire!) It's also normal for her to taste EVERYTHING. Charlie does that too that's why I keep an eye on him, otherwise, matagal na itong naging smoked HOT-Dog {nakuryente!}

Now that you can spend more time with Kirei, hala go for it! girl bonding na! ha ha ha...have fun Theyie

the_paradox said...

that "mafia boss" photo is priceless! ahahaha. asteeg ng pose ni Charlie! wheee!