April 13, 2005

meet matilda "poopoo" park!

cutie pie!
cutie pie!,
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hello animal lovers!
i have been visiting this site for quite sometime before i was able to summon enough courage to ask to be a contributor.
you see, i'm an animal lover, too! i have spent most of my childhood in the company of feathered, furrie, and scaly friends.
this time, i'm sharing my living quarters with my hubby and our beautiful darling "daughter", matilda.
she came to our life last december, and has since dominated it.
she is a 7 month old sable ferret, full of energy and always on the lookout for a chance to do mischief.
in south korea, where we live, there aren't very many ferrets and ferret owners. one of my motivating factor in blogging about ferts (and joining an animal lovers' group), is to let others know more about this wonderful furry specie, and hopefully get to know more ferret parents and afficionados.

this is all for now, matilda and i will be back --- soon!

dooks to all!


tHeYiE said...

aaawww... matiLda is such a cutie!

weLcome to you anna and to your Little darLing!

annabanana said...

thanks for the welcome! :) have a good week!

Thess said...

Matilda, let me give you a HUG!!

husticia said...

hi anna,
welcome din sa animal lovers group. ang cute naman ni matilda mo.

annabanana said...

tita thess!
thanks for the hugs! kisses to you and the cuzins!
love, matilda

annabanana said...

hello justice!
salamat sa welcome...sana hindi ka na masyadong galit ngayon...hayaan mo punta kami ni matilda dyan at pakagat ko yung salbaheng mommy na yun sa kanya! hehehe..have a good day! :)