October 14, 2005

Relocating with Jake-y

Maybe most of you don't know that our family will be relocating soon to Singapore See October 7th post. I am overjoyed to the max, but also over-terrified of what's ahead for all of us. In this entry, obviously, I mean Jake.

The past few days, I have been intensively researching on HOW TO bring in dogs from Germany to Singapore. With that said, I am worried like h*ll for Jake. First, he's not that young anymore, though, not that old either. (around 7 yrs.), but the stress of the journey, the 30-day quarrantine, the heat and humidity there...will he be fine? Am I doing the right and best decision for him? How would the authorities treat him on his arrival? He will be terrified and will feel alone!!!

(Did you know that I was evil enough to consider leaving him because of the fear that something terrible might happen to him during the trip, that none of A's family can adopt him because he's too big, or that he won't be able to play in parks there because all big dogs must wear a muzzle and must be on a leash....blah blah blah---NONSENSE! That was the most stupid thought I ever did regarding my beloved dog.)

The truth is, knowing him and his experience in life before we took him (he came from a shelter in NY and we are his first and ONLY family), the worst thing we can do to him, is to leave him. I might as well put him to eternal sleep before we go, than kill him slowly witn emotional pain of being abandoned once again and missing us every single day of his life.---Honestly, God forbid something really bad happens to him, atleast he knows that we brought him with us.---til death do us part is what I vowed to asawa and my children, but that goes for him too.

Just for sharing my INIS experience:

Some dumb-dumb dared to tell me, "eh what if you bring him, tapos he dies during the trip? eh di nagsayang lang kayo ng pera?!"----lecheng 'to I thought.

Instead of slapping her stupidity out of her non-existent brain, I sharply replied with, "ha? do you mean that if someone you love is sick, and you know that he will die, eh you won't bother paying for a possible way to prolong his life anymore kasi SAYANG din naman?!"

Her answer? "eh iba naman yon kasi tao yon at minamahal mo."

I gave her a cynical smile and flatly answered, "hay nako, kung ikaw lang ang nasa posisyon niya, di ako mamomroblemang iwanan ka."

That said, I turned my back and chatted with someone else. grrr, people can be SO insensitive!


Cheryl said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Let us know how the move goes and what you decide.

jayred said...

Jake should be in Singapore with you guys. Definitely. I couldn't bring Cha-Cha with me when I migrated to Switzerland since she was a sickly dog and we are not allowed to have pets in this apartment building. Otherwise, I would have moved heaven and earth para lang makasama ko siya dito.

Hope and pray that Jake will be able to make it. God bless.

annabanana said...

one reason why i sometimes like animals better than people is because animals are not mean and spiteful! bakit kaya ganyan sya mag-isip? sabi ko nga sa ibang tao na laging may comment about how i lavish my love and attention to matilda, na according sa kanila eh, "isang daga lang naman yan...", "it doesn't matter what kind of creature she is, the fact that she occupies a big part in my heart, makes her that important to me."...jake will be able to adjust to your life in singapore, he's family eh! incidentally, do you know that virgin airlines have a very nice program for flying pets? wala lang baka kasi helpful sa iyo...:D

TaLhey said...

hope everything will turn out for the best of everybody.when i found out that we are moving from japan to california, i knew yuree is coming with us. i had the same worries (esp. it was summer then, some airlines have restrictions during summer bec of cargo temp)and the flight was the most streesful one i had (mainly worrying about him)...knowing he was at the cargo area. but he was fine all along, i gave him benadryl tablets as advised by his vet before the flight. we would meet him at every lay-over places we had to do his 'thing' and for a short walk as well. that was his first flight ever...jake will be fine, he'll adjust right away. goodluck and take care!

thess said...

Justice, please take Jake with you... I have a feeling that it'll break his heart if you guys will be separated, and that he might not survive =(

take a chance, if Yuree made it, so will Jake! =)

'wishing you and your family all the best...goodluck!

husticia said...

thank you all for your support! and YES, I will take Jake with (no matter what people say)

talhey, what type of dog is Yuree?

and can anyone here suggest to me an airline that's excellent with pet transport?

anna, i did email virgin airlines but they don't fly to singapore. shucks!

liljunkie18 said...

reading your post...it broke my heart cause my family has had the same dilemma. well, in case we do immigrate, my mom would definitely bring my dogs with her and thats because they are family. i know its hard, and well, mm, i have an 11 month old and a 6 year old. i dont really know what advice to give so all i can say is i hope it all works out. putting him to sleep? i wouldnt do that...thats just...i dont know...anyway, i hope it works out. if i were you, id bring him along. for me, i dont leave family behind, and the meaning of family includes my dogs.

TaLhey said...

YuRee is a cocker spaniel...hyperactive yet so sweet and adorable!

myepinoy said...

I guess your decision to bring your him to Singapore is correct. Whatever happens, at least you know, rather than thinking about him when you are there.

Mas mahirap yon.