April 10, 2006

For the love of animals

In my short time here in Singapore, I have managed to get intouch with several not for profit organizations that are involved with saving animals. The SPCA and ASD are a few of those that I want to contact and do volunteer work for.

It has been 10 years since I started with doing work for animals. No, not physically, but financially. I have been actively donating to several organizations like the WWF, Greenpeace, Terra Mater, and others, and also making myself busy with signing some online petitions needed to voice out for animals and the environment.

With my dog, Jake coming from a shelter himself, my goal is to help those that I could not take home in some other way. While I'm still dreaming of my dogfarm's existence, this will be my temporary "time well spent" moments.


annabanana said...

keep up the good work! :D kudos to you!

tHeYiE said...

hi justice! where are the pictures of you and jake?

God bless!

Kelsea said...

i do exactly what you do! my friends and i formed a group and now we donate to ten animal groups. cool huh?