January 07, 2008

This blog is once again taken over by the original owner

This blog is taken over by the owner and her dog Charlie.
In the past I have invited other bloggers to participate on this blog by writing about their pets, but it has been more than a year since I last heard from any of them.
So I am taking full control of this blog and now it's officially my blog again. Solo writer and no one else.
I think it's for the better since I made the mistake of allowing one writer to join this blog who turned out to be a plagiarist resulting for this blog taking heat and hate comments from other bloggers. But that's all in the past. Charlie and I ARE BACK!~Thess


Sidney said...

Happy New year!
Always safer to keep the control of your blog in your own hands.
And your dog will for sure help you to enforce this rule! ;-)

Thess said...

Happy New Year to you too, Sidney!

Yes you're right, I know I made the right decision doing a solo act again. Thanks for dropping by...*woof woof* from Charlie (^0^)

GBex said...

nyahahahahahaha---may aso blog ka pala--sana pusa meron din at sasali ako heheheheheh meron nga ba?

Thess said...

GBEX: this is an old blog, recently resurrected (^0^)

I used to have co-writers here.

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

Good luck to you. I think Charlie is adorable! Stop by and visit me if you want... Have a great week!