September 22, 2004

hello from kirei

di naman masyadong showbiz ang baby ko, di ba?
that's my malambing, ever ready to take a pose, granted that she's in a good mood.

she was born on the 1st of july 2004, and was given to me by my friend romel on the 7th of august. so she'd been with me for 2 months, 2 weeks and 1 day. how time flies!

kirei has made a difference in our house, for i've seen how fond tatay and nanay has become of her. our house, deprived of babies (my niece and nephews), is once again lively. funny how tatay would take sides with kirei if she screams for pain because nanay accidentally stepped on her toes. hehe..sometimes, i think tatay loves kirei more than i... hmm.. she would sleep on my room, it used to be on my bed, but she would bite my books so i trained her to sleep on the floor. then i will leave the lights on so i could check on her whenever i can. tatay would fetch her early morning for breakfast, and if i'm free, i would give her a nice bath.

she has definitely grown, i would excitedly weigh her everytime i see the weighing scale. oh well, tatay spoils her eh, and she's really "matakaw", ida-diet ko na nga sya. mukha na sya askal eh. hwehehe.

i am kirei's mommy. she would like to be friends with you.


Thess said...

KIREI, welcome to the family!!

Theyie, like your household, ours became more alive since Charlie's arrival. Of course my ferrets made it a warm house to come home to after a long day, but since they live in their own house and sleep most of the time, there isn't that much contact unless we let them outside to play, oh yes they can play like dogs! they can create havoc too, ha ha ha

But in Charlie's case, companionship is should as say, as long as he's awake...oh no , that's not right...even when he sleeps , he has to sleep on top of me or his dad, our only privacy is in the bathroom.

I think your dad is a cool 'lolo'!

mama sangre said...

kirei is such a character, isn't she? :p yes, dogs crave attention and companionship, they're just really social beings. noah is the same, though it might take time to get him to warm up to strangers, but wherever i am, there he is. he just has to take up the same space that i do, haha! and i think your father is so cool! :) but don't forget kirei has to learn her limitations. you wouldn't want a headstrong, unruly dog.:) you're a great mommy, theyie!

tHeYiE said...

thank you for the warm welcome. btw, kirei got her name from bebe (thanks!) after i conducted the survey.

yup, tatay is such a cool "lolo" to kirei, and my nephew wants to believe that she is my daughter.

glad to meet the other pet pals here. =)

Hazel said...

hey! kirei was born same day as my ziggy! (only ziggy's my real baby.. not a pet hehehe)

Cute one!