September 15, 2004

New Addition to the Familie


Thess said...

cute poochie! how young?

mama sangre said...

hey! wow, congrats. :) where'd you get it? he or she? and how are jaja and booksie getting along?

liljunkie18 said...

jaja came from my ninong and ninang. Theyve moved to government housing and it is by law that pets arent allowed in such places.

ive been in vain the last few isnt well adjusted yet. she hasnt had any other dog companions before. apart from that, my parents are not paying much attention to her anymore. it breaks my heart to see her so sad. it infuriates me and well, i cant put to words how i feel...i just know that its hurting both me and my lil baby boo. shes not very responsive to them, and that pisses them off. they arent treating them fairly and its no wonder why boo feels sad. the thing is, they cant even see it for themselves so im not wondering anymore why they treat me differently from my brother.

i love jaja. shes a nice dog. im pissed tho that she wasnt taken care of. im so glad they gave her to my family. ive been busy taking care of both dogs. jaja has severe tooth decay...actually some of her teeth are missing. also, i think they probably were using human shampoo on her cuz she has dry hair. another thing is, she has a bump on her back. probably a deformality caused by previous injury. who wouldnt be pissed off by what happened to the dog. shes also overweight. god im pissed.

i hope everything works out well. jaja has to have a lot of follow ups with the vets. hope shes gonna be alright. im juz not in a very upright mood at the moment. well, thats the latest update. you all take care.

Thess said...

I'm sure Jaja will have a better future now that she's with you, dont stop caring and loving those two okay? thing is, the love you'll get back in return is just priceless, so thinking 'bout that should inspire you and forget ( at least even for a moment ) problems that the world gives you

take care of you 3 ;)