December 09, 2004

My Meg

Meg's my favorite name, sprung out of my admiration for Meg Ryan. So when my cousin brought a cute little 5 week old pup, day after my birthday, found out it was a she... i named her MEG! :)

She was cute and a bit jumpy whenever people come near her. After a week, she got used to us and i couldn't stop cuddling her. She was one sweet dog.

I've always had pets, i had some pairs of lovebirds that have come and gone.. i have an aquarium, which is now mainly for ornamental purposes at home.. i've even had chicks! Of course i had dogs, yep, we have and have had LOTS of dogs. we never were "out of" dogs. We always had at least 2 of them at home. Most of them, were "askals" as we call it.. or mutts i believe is the english term.

We did have some dogs of breed. we had a poodle, long time ago, who died of old age when i was only about five. then when i was around 12 or something, we had a German Shepherd, a beautiful faithful and sweet german shepherd we called Bugsy -- she was more than faithful to my cousin who owns him. He died of old age as well, when i was 21 i think (just about a year or two ago..). Meg came about 4-5 years ago, she still met Bugsy and they got along just fine :)

When meg was still a pup and i could still carry her, i always spend after school (i was in college) with her at our garden.. i'd put her on top of the garden table, and i'd talk to her, tell her everything i did the whole day.. how i felt -- if i was sad, lonely, happy, excited... in love :) She knew me a lot, KNOWS inside and out.. if she was a person, she'd be my keeper of secrets. I did that until he was too big to be put on top of the table, and i had to just sit beside him or walk with him outside, although he usually tires me too early trying to catch anything moving!

When my thesis days in college came, i had less and less time spent with him. And although i wanted to spend more time with him... i couldn't. Just a few days ago, i was at the living room, by the window with Ziggy (my 5 month old son) when Meg suddenly popped his head right in front of us. It was the cutest.. He was like introducing himself to Ziggy :) and ziggy was talking to him too!

We have another dog like meg, name's Sam, but he's more rowdy... and we weren't THAT close :p he'd usually start barking when he sees me or anybody carrying ziggy outside or strolling by the garden. So do the other dogs (we have 3 more, 1 mutt, 1 half mutt and half retriever, and one golden retriever -- Just like Meg and Sam.)

I realized that day, that although i spent less and less time with Meg, he still knows and recognizes me as somebody who used to spend time with him.. somebody who treated him with much importance before and he sorta knows that Ziggy is somebody whole lot important to me :)

I just loved the feeling...

here's her royal highness... Meg (original name was, believe it or not -- Ziggy of (something something.. Dog of Flanders? hahah basta.. that's what was written on his papers)

and his sidekick sam hahah royal highnesses have sidekicks in the dog world :p


tHeYiE said...

hello hazel! Meg and Sam look good together as a tandem. i hope they don't quarrel a lot. hehe. while our dogs: Gretchen, the German shepherd would bully the small ones when they get together. talk about being big! but she doesn't bite them, just "scares" them. hehe. While my Kirei, though not the baby that she used to be, would love wrestling fights with Tagpi's babies. She's still the "bunso" for me, for she is the most lovable of all. (i'm biased! kirei is really my favorite!)

it feels nice to bond with dogs, no wonder they are called "man's bestfriend" I really agree with that. =) they somehow have that special connection with us, right?

it was nice to see your babies, hazel.

mama sangre said...

awwww... you know, my family calls me meg, haha!

meg and sam look like they should be in a dog food commercial... such lovely fellas... and i agree with theyie (hi theyie!), dogs certainly are therapeutic (?). because they sense how you feel and adjust their behavior to your mood -- very considerate of them, don't you think? noah is also my best friend, because i spend more time with him than anyone else -- and his habits and mannerisms are not as annoying as some of the dates i've had in the last few years, haha!

arls said...

cutie dogs! i have always loved to have a golden ret... but it's so high maintenance and needs a lot of space! ;) so i just got me a cat... but golden ret's my first love. ;)

tHeYiE said...

oh hello mama sangre! hug noah for me okei?

yup, dogs are really therapeutic. you know, no matter how tired i am at the end of the day and i see kirei waggle her tail and her ears fold downwards at the sight of me... sigh! i will be relieved. =) amazing, isn't it?

and arls, though i don't have a cat, i know they're adorable too. i'm sure, padme is!