December 20, 2004


So who do you think would dare jump off the chair?

Danielle and Charlie Posted by Hello

Danielle, the ferret of course! Fearless li'l lady!
While we place Charlie on the chair whenever he's playing too wild and needs some cooling down, he would not dare jump.


tHeYiE said...

wow, charlie is so big na! how cute little danielle is! not afraid to jump? or afraid of charlie that's why she jumped?

my kirei is so big na rin, but she's still my baby. (smaller than charlie, you know spitz don't grow that big!)

hugs to ur babies ate thess!


mama sangre said...

aaaawwww.... noah is afraid of "heights" as well. :) good for danielle game din siya tatalon talaga, haha. maligayang pasko din sa iyo thess.:D

tHeYiE said...

oh, my kirei is not afraid of heights...she's one brave lady! (haay, hindi na sya baby!)

merry christmas mama sangre! kiss noah for me! =)