March 26, 2005

Dog Behavior Study

The University of Texas at Austin is doing a research project on dog behavior. They are looking for dog owners like us to participate in the study by answering a questionaire. Here's a short summary of the project:
"Currently, we are designing a questionnaire for the assessment of personality in dogs. Once this questionnaire is completed, we aim to use it to answer a variety of research questions, from what characterizes the best explosives detection dogs and guide dogs, to what types of breed-specific personality traits truly exist, to whether there are specific "types" of dogs who often end up in rescues and shelters. However, to create a reliable and valid dog personality questionnaire, we need thousands of dog owners to fill out the initial version of our on-line questionnaire, which is quite lengthy, and to give us feedback."

If you are interested in participating, just click on the link.

1 comment:

Thess said...

Hi Cheryl. I visited the link and they require that the pet is at least a year old, my pug is just 10 months...but I I'll come back again , what's 2 months anyway, right? :-) we will participate!