May 11, 2005


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Kirei...with her so-called "boyfriend" Ice

My baby had her menarche (the term for the first menstruation) last month. And since she was being chased by our neighbors' dogs whenever she would escape when our gate opens, we decided to set her on vacation to find her lovelife, and that is ICE, a fellow spitz which is owned by my dear bestfriend.

So they lived together in the same house (that of Ice's) and since Kirei is not used to being locked inside, she struggled to escape one time, and won't let Anne or her Uncle catch her. She really waited for me and Tatay to come and fetch her. I saw her wating for us outside and jumped to the car at the sight of her mommy. That was Day2.

A week has passed and Kirei seemed to be acclimatized with her new environment, though there seemed to be no signs still that she and Ice have mated successfully. I haven't visited her for a while and when I had the chance...that was the 10th day, she was really eager to go escape again, not mnding if her whole body would be trapped in between the rails of ice's house. And when Ice had the chance to force himself into Kirei, I heard my baby cried. No! I will take her home. She's not yet ready for her mizuage (it's the Japanese term i think, which i read in a novel for the defloration).

So now, Kirei stays with us. A bit weird that she's not that lively anymore. I miss her kakulitan, the hyper aspect of her, which is slowly coming back. I know my baby has really returned. I will have to set her free at another time when she is more prepared.

Right now, I will concentrate in taking care of her and be ready for her upcoming birthday!


thess said...

I've same reaction when Kimberly (my half jap spitz- half st. bernard) had her first 'lover'. It sounded like she was in real agony and my mom stopped me from breaking them apart during their 'dance' I can understand your concern, mommy Theyie.

The right time will come, meantime, yeah...she will celebrate her birthday first, just like Charlie, yey!

tHeYiE said...

oo nga pala ate, malapit na din birthday ni charlie da pogi! may party ba?

haaay, you said it right ate --patience. her time will come. at first she seemed to be missing ice's company, but now she's enjoying singlehood again! not to mention her youth! :)

here she comes again, as she entered the room and lied underneath the chair. kirei say's HI!!!

annabanana said...

haaay at naayos rin ang blogspot! kahapon ko pa gustong mag comment dito...ey, theyie, we used to have a spitz when i was in highschool..she lasted for more than a decade and was the apple of my father's eye! she was a present from one of my uncles, and the day my mom picked her up, i forgot to pick up my brother at his kindergarten! hehehe akala ko kapalit ng bunso namin ay si spinx na...not a bad deal! hehehe kirei, arf! arf to you!

husticia said...

perhaps since it's only her FIRST period...the lust to mate isn't there yet. wait til she mature a bit pa.