June 29, 2005

Charlie's 1st Birthday!

My little Charlie celebrated his first birthday last June 10!

- my excuses for not posting about it on time..or should I say for not posting for many weeks now?, bad bad mama, I know-
A nice doggy like Charlie sure deserved a little celebration to mark his first birthday, so my husband and I decided to give him a small party, with his friend Sjimmie (a bouvier des flandres) as special guest.
Charlie had a lot of fun that day, played for hours with Shimmie that we had to separate them a couple of times whenever Charlie would start to pant so hard that we were afraid he'd collapse, the little puggy's really relentless when it comes to playing!

Shimmie's gift for Charlie were two packages of doggy bacon treats while from us, he's got a new 'sofa' (that he totally ignores or use) and a basket so that he could go biking with us, positioned just on my bike's tail...( Charlie by the way, finds biking a 'hohum, an utter bore' that he actually fell asleep the first time we took him for a round. )

Charlie and Sjimmie

These two are just crazy about each other!

and for Charlie's party, I baked him two treats, both recipes I found on the internet...I first baked LIVER BROWNIES that's w/ liver, corn meal, flour, fresh garlic and water- they both liked the brownies and then I followed it with...
DOGGY CAKE and that's with chicken fillet, yellow rice, carrots, green beans, parsley, eggs, garlic, oil, wheat flour and vanilla

Charlie's Doggy Cake

Sjimmie gulped half of the cake in less than a minute and was even 'carrying' a doggy bag when he went home. I was told that he had the piece of cake for breakfast the following morning and was fully satisfied, also had a garlicy breath the entire morning.
While Charlie spent the following day sleeping, he was happy but tired.


annabanana said...

happy birthday to charliekins the very da cute pug-nit! aba at talaga nga naman super special si charlie...may birthday party pa! when are gizmo and jacob's turn? hayan mama thess, next time si charlie naman ang in heat..naku, ihanap na ng girlfriend! dapat isang napakagandang pug, dahil charlie deserves the best, di ba?

thess said...

thanks tita anna *arf arf*!

Jacob was in March but he slept it off...my next post is Gizmo's 4th bday, he's also a June baby.

I was so tired after Charlie's party, Im telling you. Because I also had to cook for Sjimmie's folks, ha ha ha!

all our kids deserves the best, for the genuine love that they give us.

Anonymous said...

What a nice birthday party/treat for Charlie. He's blessed ha. :-) How I miss my dog now....

Belated Happy Birthday to Charlie!

TaLhey said...

belated happy happy birthday to charlie, from YuRee with love (heehee)! nice party you had there ms. thess. but it looks like charlie had more energy than sjimmie, hahaha. ingat!

thess said...

JAYRED: thanks aunt Jayred *woof woof!*, I guess I'm just lucky to have a loving mom and dad :-)...so sorry that you're missing your doggy, lots of kisses to you *sluuuuurp*


THALEY: thanks aunt Thaley and YuRee *w00f w00f!*,

btw YuRee, do you already have a dogster account? my mom registered me yesterday and I'm enjoying my new doggy pals, wont you join us? *awwwwwoo!!*

tHeYiE said...

beLated happy birthday charLie! my mom intended to throw a party for me...but the ceLebration turned into an intimate gathering with my mom's "bioLogicaL" babies because I gave birth on the day of my birthday and they were reaLLy surprised! the attention was on my babies, though.

btw, you're so Lucky to have such wonderfuL parents. tita thess reaLLy cooks so weLL! can you teLL her to bake one cake for me? hehe.. *arf! arf!*

thess said...

Kirei, wow! so that's why I haven't seen you around..imagine you're a mommy now, congratulations! Belated Happy birthday to you and your puppies and sure, I'll ask mom to make you a cake next time *w00F w00F!*


annabanana said...

kirei a mommy now? wowee! congratulations, kirei and lola theyie! :D to the nbew additions, welcome to the family! dooks!
love, matilda and mommy annabanana

chelli said...

my pc got sum bug and too bad i missed ur bday!, id have greeted you a happy 1st! lots of tailwags from Yukigirl and Maximillion!