July 31, 2005

Puss in Boots

a long over due post :)

just wanted to share a pic of my cat.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

she has this thing for flowers. i dunno why *lol*

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tHeYiE said...

wow..so cutie naman!

what's the name of ur cat? =)

annabanana said...

aaaaw, isn't she a cutie?!

thess said...

Joei, how old is she? this is one cute cat (^-^)

Retno said...

wow cutee :)
what is the name of your cat?

joooeeeiii said...

ADMI. no prob! :)

RETNO. she has a weird name collloquy hehe!

THESS. she's 4 years old. arte noh? =P

THEYIE & ANNABANANA. thanks guys! :)

drstel said...

she's so girly that's why :)...she looks like a cuddly baby!