July 21, 2005

Right to live??

My first posting in this blog. Thank you for Thess for letting me join this blog Image hosted by Photobucket.com.

One of the TV channels that amuses me is Animal Planet. Maybe it sounds weird for you guys who live in America, but for me, an Indonesian animal lover, it's just too good to be true.

From the Animal Cops show, I just found out that when a dog is recovered from the injury, he will have a test which will improve whether he's suitable for an adoption or not. The dog will be given food, the tester will "approach" the dog by a hand-like stick. When the dog becomes agressive by that, he is not approved for adoption. I watched one dog that failed the test and had to be "killed" afterward. What do you think of this? Maybe it costs a fortune to run an animal nursery, but if an animal is not suitable for adoption, shouldn't they have been given a chance to live?Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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annabanana said...

hello retno!
first things first, welcome to the "family"! i am so glad we have a new member. do you have pets? or do you simply love animals? i hope next time, we'll get to see pictures of your darling pet.
hmmm...now, about your question, i think that is a very inhumane way to test a dog's suitability to be adopted. most often than not, animals that become aggressive are scared or threatened. a hand like stuick sure looks threatening to a dog who i presume had already gone through a horrible ordeal which resulted in his/her stay in a shelter, doesnt need this kind of treatment. maybe people in that shelter/show need to take lessons in animal psychology..animals, are humans...treat them with respect! with love and care, even the most ferocious dog respond with gentleness..that is of course, provided that the dog is still sane.