January 05, 2005

Hey guys! Thanks for the invite. :D

Say hi to Chachi!

This was taken when she was first brought to us by my cousin.

Pero baby pa din sha.. she's only 6months old.

She's a lhasa apso with a tinge of poodle genes.. (Maybe that's why her hair's a bit fine and frizzy.. hehe)

I've got more pictures of her here.

She's got her own dogster page too! Check out her profile here.

Thanks ulit!

'til my next post. :)


Thess said...

CHACHI and Kate, welcome to the family!!

Oh and I thought she was a bouvier from the other photo...she's a cutie and looks pilya..good combination...watch out doggyboys!

tHeYiE said...

welcome kate and chachi! how lovely naman...

keep posting lang ha! =)

kirei send her hugs to you and chachi!