March 01, 2005

no one dares...

just wanted to share with you, my 6-month-old Tibetan Terrier "YUKI". this pretty girl is the best guard dog underneath that snow white fluff.


Santanu said...

Thats a very cute Tibetan. Can you tell me more on it? Age, size? What do you feed it? You know the best thing about Tibetans? They have very expressive eyes!! That's why I think they are cuter than the Lhasa Apsos though the latter is prettier to many!

Thess said...

Chelli and Yuki, at long're here!!

look at that beautiful coat, I love're doing a pretty good job mom Chelli (^_^)

btw, how is Yuki towards baby Julia?

tHeYiE said...

yuki is so cute! gusto ko sya i-hug!

chelli said...

SANTANU: thanks!my tibetan is only 6 months old, got her from an indian pup is on chicken based diet. you're right they have expressive eyes but the lhasa apsos are just a smaller version. so none is really cuter than the other.LOL!cheers!

THESS: yeah im here!..i hope i can come up with some taking my online dental CE units, but how can i not visit this beautiful page dedicated to our babies. i thank you for this!

miss you girl!

oh btw, Julia and YUKI get along very well, also NADINE!

Theyie: thanks gurl!