January 29, 2006


It has been a while since my last post. Been busy with my babies.. and I'm proud to announce that Kirei gave birth two nights ago! We have 6 new spitzlets. I dunno their genders yet, for Kirei won't allow us to see them closely.

Anyway, we also visited Ishie, Kirei's first born. And she has really grown! She still recognizes us, and just like her mom, she got so excited upon seeing us... never seemed to be tired playing.

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Kirei during her "pregnant" state -- 1 month

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Ishie.. at 6 months old now


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tHeYiE said...

thank you!

annabanana said...

congratulations, theyes and kirei! :D

tHeYiE said...

thank you ate banana! mwah!