January 25, 2006

Ready for sunny Singapore

After all the vaccinations, microchipping pains and check-up dramas, tomorrow IS the day that my furry baby would fly to Singapore. An almost 11 hour flight, and no "mommy" to be with, makes me a bit worried how he would fare. Jake is 7 yrs. old, and though most people have assured me that all will be fine...FINE isn't good enough for me until he has safely landed, been checked and has settled in his kennel.

I have been talking to him the past few days, re-assuring him that we will see him again and that he should not be afraid, "mommy will always come back." These are words he usually hears when I go or leave him for awhile; I'm hoping that he'd bring these words with him tomorrow.

Let me end hear because I would rather ask for some well wishes for his safe flight HOME. Thanks in advance!

Isn't he cute?


Luchie said...

Welcome to Singapore Jake!!!

thess said...

Jakey , good 'ol pal..HAVE A SAFE SAFE TRIP! Don't worry cos mommy and the rest of the family will join you soon!

Charlie, Gizmo and Jacob wish you all the best!

annabanana said...

don't worry, jakey will be alright! jake sweetie, mommy will be there, ok?! kisses to both of you!

husticia said...

luchie, thess, and anna...thank you! hirap ng may malayong anak. hay!

Casper said...

hope you had a good flight jake! you look really cool with those shades on. have fun in singapore!

thess said...

i just can't resist it...must say:

Jake, you're a hunk!

Anonymous said...

hope he had a great flight. i can understand your worry though. when we lived in singapore a few years ago we took our 3 cats with us and were so worried when they went on the plane. i cried and couldn't wait to see them safely landed.