January 15, 2005

FIGHTING the battle of her life

We are in vigilance due to our oldest ferret, Danielle who's turning 6 yrs old this year being sick ...we found out that she's got a tumor and sugar in her blood is deadly low. We planned to have a birthday celebration for my husband this week but due to Danielle's condition, we opted not to. Other people might say, all because of a pet plans have changed? You see, we consider all animals in our house as little people who love us unconditionally and we love them dearly. The day we took each and one of them home, we promised them we'll do the best we can as 'parents' and Danielle is really papa's girl. I tell you that we even considered euthanasia few days ago....both husband and I were hurt even just thinking about it but we've decided to fight for her because Danielle is also showing such determination and trying her best not to succumb to her condition.

Before the visit to the vet, she would suffer disorientation, hyperventilation, screaming in her sleep, banging her head while sleeping- she's totally unaware of her surroundings that we had to take turn to wake her up when this happens, and she had no muscle control. If only she could stand an operation to remove the tumor, we are more than willing for her to go under the knife but ferret her size (less than a kilo) usually reacts badly to sedation, the vet even warned us for a chance of a heart attack. So her vet just injected help for her blood and issued pills for her to take each day. We will all take it slowly, one day at a time.

Danielle in 2001 ...bubbly, curious, naughty and playful

Danielle January 10, 2005 ......sad and weary eyes


Beng said...

hi tess, sorry to hear about your pet. my husband bought our daughter 2 ferrets (mickey and mini) after her hamster died. luckily olivia (the hamster) did not suffer that much. but loosing her was a traumatic experience for my daughter dahil first pet niya yon.

Thess said...

Hi Beng, salamat ha. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's hamster....btw, 2 ferrets? wow! alam mo bihira ako makakilala ng pilipino na may ferrets eh, 2nd ka, one of our contributors here, si Anna also has a baby ferret girl named Matilda.

How old are your ferrets now? I will visit you, soon. Salamat sa pagdaan at mensahe, Beng.

liljunkie18 said...

I had been expecting your post regarding Danielle's condition. I sympathize with you. I do understand that this is a very difficult time but I hope all will go smoothly in this tragedy.

Do remember that she lived a good and happy life with two loving parents and siblings.

Beng said...

they are six months old. these two little creatures really keep me busy, but it doens't matter to me dahil talaga namang nakakatuwa. i'll add some of their pictures on my main blog so you will also see them (www.diary.barkada-entwork.com)

by the way thess, where in netherland are you? we live not far from venlo.

best greetings to you and family.

tHeYiE said...

ate thess, the thought of having sick pets makes me weak. *sigh* if only they could verbalize what they really feel, then we could give them the more appropriate intervention that they need. unfortunately, they are not capable of that. i guess the same reason goes for sick babies that just cry and scream when they are sick while their parents struggle to find the relief for what causes the pain. it's the main reason why i don't want to go into pediatrics. for me, babies should not get sick, they should always be well. but that is not the case..

for danielle, i know you love her dearly, if she's turning 6, she must've been with you and your husband since you got married, right? oh, it hurts to think that she is sick, i can see the pain in her eyes. and how unselfish of your husband to set aside the birthday celebration because danielle is sick. you're such great parents to her and the rest of your pets.

i hope she gets well soon. she has lived a good life and brought joy to your home. i'm praying for her.

Chrissy said...

I just found your blog and I love it!
I am putting you on my blogroll. I am at www.warmpuppies.blogspot.com..visit me sometimes.

I don't find too many people that think like we do that animals are human. I get so tired of hearing "it's just a dog or it's just a cat". To me it is not....they are my babies.

I'm so sorry about your baby. My thoughts are with you.

Cheryl said...

Wonderful post and blog! I just discovered it. I TOTALLY agree with your attitude toward your pets. I have quite a little "zoo" myself: 4 dogs, 7 cats, and 18 lizards. I'm adding you to my blogroll as soon as they get their page working again. Come visit me at my blog at http://richardsonzoo.blogspot.com