January 19, 2005


Here are some more pics of baby boo...

I've had my boo for about 5 years. How I got her...mm, I was walking down the street right after school with my high school buddies. It was the same old routine. We were walking down the street on our way to the express trains to get home. As we were walking, I saw an old man at the side of the pavement with a cardboard box. A lotta students from my school were surrounding him. My friends and I wondered what the whole fuss was about so we walked by. As we got closer, we saw 2 lil puppy dogs. A male and a female. I asked how much they were and the old man was selling em for a mere 80 bucks. - THAT'S DAMN CHEAP. They looked so cute, I just had to get one.

I picked a female pup cuz if she pees in the house, at least her urine won't squirt on the walls cuz we live in an apartment. 4 of us chipped in cash for the dog...and she stayed with me. First they said that we'd take turns in keeping her but then later, their folks didn't want them having dogs. So then, she was all mine. MINE MINE MINE! Call me selfish but I'm relieved! I don't have to share her with anyone.

So well, she's been my adopted sister since I got her. When I called my mom over my cellphone and told her what I had gotten...she thought I was joking. She was like "Uh...WHAT?..You're crazy." Lil baby boo spent her first few days locked up in the bathroom when no one was home. I KNOW ITS MEAN! Don't worry though cuz our bathroom is huge. I even had an arguement with my mom. Her excuse was that baby boo wasn't house broke yet. Eventually she did get "potty trained" so then she could roam freely around the apartment. She had always slept with me when she was a pup so now I guess she's accustomed to that and she does fight for bed space. Sometimes she'd sit on me while I sleep just so I'd move over.

Well, those are just some pics I said I would post. Enjoy.


Thess said...

So that's how you got Boo...lucky b*tch...( ayyy lady doggy kasi eh..*lusot* )

You're way smarter than me, really ( cge na nga :-) )because you thought of the urinating style before you pick out your doggy, why have I not thought of that before? Now I'm stuck with Charlie!!

And I hate it too, when Charlie would sit on my face so that I would get up from the bench and he could take my spot.... and sometimes he would even let out disgusting wind and when I'd return the 'favor' he'll push me away. Bruho!

liljunkie18 said...

LOL! I had wanted to have a dog a long time before I got Boo, so I kinda had the whole peeing issue figured out...speshly since we here are all clean freaks.

Baby Boo is a moody kinda dog. I guess its cuz she's spoilt. She hogs bedspace even on my parents bed. When my Dad asks her to move, she goes "GRRR". So basically what you hear is: "MOVE" then "GRRRR" She sits and lays down on my face too cuz the lil stinker knows the use of a pillow and so happens to like it. Sometimes she sleeps alone in bed with her head rested on a pillow.