January 05, 2005

Remembering Peedy

It was the morning of January 5 last year, when I came downstairs and started my morning rituals...one was to uncover Peedy's cage ( we would cover him with a thin cloth everynight so that he could sleep better) when I saw him lying beautifully, but stiff on his floor. Prior to that, the night of Jan. 4, everything seemed alright... he was eating his cookie and apple portion like always. And on the floor was a leaf of lettuce, his favorite.

Peedy was two years old when my husband's friend handed him to us because his mother was too old to take care of the bird. Peedy and I had our share of 'fights' , either I would tease him or when I needed to trim his curly nails, boy! he could fight! Opening his wings and like he's saying: C'mon girl, bring it on. See how big I am?!' I would always call him Bruce Lee whenever he'd do that, ha ha ha!

But we also had our 'moments' . He was my favorite singing partner! He loved to sing, and would sing harder than the stereo. Many times when I had to practise singing or recording, he'd sing along. He loved Tina Turner, Frank Sinatra and Whitney Houston. But there was one number that he'd sing along w/ me on top of his small lungs...Barbra Streisand's 'Songbird'
How ironic is that?

I still have that recorded duet of ours. My only memory of Peedy's voice.

Thank you for the wonderful times, you have brought us pure joy, my little yellow friend. I and papa still talk about you, and will always love you. Though we may never know the cause of your untimely demise.

Peedy in his 'coffin' before we buried him in the backyard.


drstel said...

kakalungkot ito...if i didn't have a cat i'd get a songbird or parrot too. my kids love to visit them at the pet store but it seems sad that they're in a cage without family...
parinig ng tunes?

Thess said...

Pinsan STEL!! salamat at napadalaw ka ^_^

totoo, lonely talaga birds lalo na pag alone sa cage, or yung binebenta sa petshops.

we also felt guilty during Peedy's time because we wanted him to sing, we didn't give him a partner...according to several petshops owner, if we'd get a female canary, the male will stop singing because there'll be no need to 'call'(sing) for a partner. I even experimented and gave Peedy a mirror one time. He fell inlove with his own reflection and had stopped from singing. Thus I'd place the mirror only if we wanted him to shut up and let us watch the television without any 'yipyipyiiiippp' from him.

Yung duet namin? nasa mini disc eh, walang plug sa computer ko para mai save..tutal kaboses ko naman si tita Barbra Streisand eh (kafal kows!, ha ha ha ) imaginine mo nalang she's singing with a birdy. ^_^

Anyway, Peedy had a nice life..pero parang inantay nya lang matapos birthday ng dad-in-law ko (jan 4) tapos namatay sya.

liljunkie18 said...

i remember the good ol peedster. i used to have parakeets/ budgies when i was a kid. they were great. and no, we didnt keep em in cages...they flew freely around the living room. they were incredibly intelligent...they know their waste area and feeding areas around the house. they loved music. anyway, its good that you still have a memory of peedster.

tHeYiE said...

aawww...peedy is such a dearie, no wonder being missed by you, ate thess.

when can we hear that "barbara streisand" voice of yours??? =)

Funky Fresh Freddie said...


Thess said...

LILJUNKIE: I always smile whenever I'd listen to that recording ^_^

THEYIE: naku theyie, sekretong malupit na lang namin ni Peedy yun! ^-^

Funky Fresh Fredie: This RUINED you? oh that's sad. Perhaps you are only seeing the picture and not reading the whole post?

I tell you what ruins me, seeing dead animals on the street, animals that are mistreated by humans, and people who do not have respect for animals. That's devastating.

I see (still) Peedy as beautiful, both when he was alive and dead. I do not know if you'll ever read this reply, but I hope not, otherwise you might not recover because I am not removing his picture.

liljunkie18 said...

hmm, at least the bird was BURIED NICELY. ruined you...whoever you are...mm, you know at least the dead animal wasnt thrown in the trash. its still a living being and it was buried with respect. and as to why there should be a picture? thats a rememberance. (DUH) i even have pictures of my grandfathers funeral cuz i wasnt there!

NeoTheOne said...

so sad to hear that.....:(