August 27, 2004


My husband and I agreed not to make any hasty decisions before leaving the house that sunday (15th Aug.) That was the day we made an appointment to meet this dog owner turned breeder. He had 3 pugpupies.

Prior to that, I have sat long hours in front of my computer learning and gathering infos about pugs and other small dogs...their behaviours, needs, characters and all important informations we'll be needing should we find the right puppy. I really wanted a pug because of its' size, character and most important of all, it can live with other animals. My other choices were either a french bulldog or a pembroke corgi which were also small & friendly races.I have also e-mailed several breeders, asking for informations and prices. I must honestly say that I almost gave up finding a pup because I wasn't aware that they were quite expensive!

So I began to hunt somewhere else...I have tried a dutch bulldogs/pugs group for infos, kennels, local shelters where abandoned animals were/are abundant and needing new homes. Sadly, most offered small dogs were jack russels which were not really suitable for our home with 3 ferrets. What was heart breaking though, were the plights of these abandoned animals, how they were given up, or thrown away, literally sometimes, or even almost killed by their very owners wanting to get rid of them. Talk about the brutality and ignorance of many people! First they will acquire those 'cute' puppies or kitties , take them home....and once they grew up and no longer 'cute' they will discard them like garbage! These kind of people should be jailed! ( Oh ok, I'm drifting away from my main story...sorry)

Anyhow, since we weren't expecting much from that appointment with the breeder that sunday ( we were more fixated on our vacation the following morning ) we still went to see him....lo and behold...there he was! I first saw the pugdaddy then the pugmommy and then an older pugsister then came to view was him- Charlie.- The pugfamily's condition was ideal. They were sharing the house with other dogs, children and the puppies were already trained to poop only on newspapers spread on the floor.

Like mamasangre had with Noah, I also had a 'moment' with the puppy, took him closer to my nose ( I immediately sneezed - I've doggy allergy, yes ) and whispered to him ' would you like me to be your mommy?' He then looked at me and wham! that was one of the fastest decisions I've ever made in my life cos I just knew it, I have found him! My husband was caught off guard too, instantly fell in love that he wanted to buy the sister as well. No, I said, just one. So much for our ' no hasty decisions' huh? We then decided that we would pick him up once we're back from our vacation.

Charlie's already got his passport from the vet, has received two necessary injections and will receive another one next week, he is healthy and very very playful.

But we didn't pick him up, instead he was delivered to us by his breeder last tuesday (24th to be exact.) I guess they were also checking us out and that tells a lot about Charlie's breeder.

Here he is, meet Charlie

the bundle of joy who's making me lose sleep, mop the floor several times a day, makes me forget to eat, the reason why I do not go online that much these days, who will not sleep without me on his side, made me cut my vacation short and the main reason why I'm behind with my paperworks (darn! patay ako kay boss! ) But all these are worth it! We've been together for few days only but he's like my shadow, he is already showing his 'protective' side and always wanting to know where I am.

A smile for mommy...don't you love that smile?!

No that's not ET, just Charlie taking a nap
Charlie has been very very cool and nice towards my 3 ferrets, but I think it might take a while for my trio to get used to him. They just don't like the extra attention we're giving the pup right now, other than that, the trio never even tried to harm Charlie in any form. That's okay, they'll come around because they know that we love them too.


liljunkie18 said...

eyyyy nice doggie! mine mine mine! lolz. jk. okay i get that youre fulfilled should be!! hehehe

mama sangre said...

wow, charlie! welcome to the family. he seems like a good boy. :) good luck with all the obedience training and housebreaking... and i'm sure charlie's "siblings" will come around, introducing a new pet in the household can sometimes be tough but i'm sure all will be well. :D he's so adorable... and noah agrees too, right noah? say arf, noah! "arf!" good boy. :p

aves said...

sarap kainin ni charlie sa last pic.... nakakagigil! arrrrrrrrr..... ang kyut kyut.. namiss ko tuloy si pugsy!

Hazel said...

cute cute cute !! i Loooove doggies. Hope he adjusts well... they're a great companion thess... you'll love them just like your child.. or like your trio ferrets :D

Thess said...

AVES, kainin? LOca ka ha....mechadong doggy na naman nakita mo *lol* one point back in Manila, we had seven dogs of diferrent races...full but happy house!