August 08, 2004

Remembering Her

I have always loved animals; especially DOGS. Growing up, I had all sorts of pets; from Birds, Rabbits, Fishes to Dogs. Each were special in their own way. What I appreciated most from these animals is their ability to sense our feelings. They know when you're down, when you're happy...they know YOU.

Five years ago, when my brother went back to the Philippines to continue his education; we got a Dog...just to keep him company. A Dog named Boo. She was a sweet little thing, a sweet and beautiful Mongrel. As time went by, we all got attached to the Dog. Although the rest of my family and I were living overseas, each and everytime we'd go back, she was always there. She was a part of our family. As she grew, her primitive instincts developed and she became one of the most feared dogs in our neighbourhood. She protected our home. She protected us.

Apart from being the protector that she was; she was also a very good mother to her puppies. It was such a sweet sight whenever we'd give her little goodies then she'd call her babies one by one; feeding the youngest first. She had always put her kids first. Just like we humans do. She also offered us lil gifts at times. She once caught a fish and brought it to my dad. She also caught a bird and did the same thing. Everybody loved her.

Two Years Ago, we received a Phone Call from my Cousin. He lived with my brother and he too looked after Boo. He told us that the 15 year old son of our neighbour had shot our Boo in the heart - IN OUR FRONTYARD. She was 3 months pregnant...and she was shot right in the heart...right in the heart. She laid there, in our resthouse and bled to death. My Cousin phoned by brother shortly after and he rushed home.

My whole family was outraged. Everyone cried. We loved that dog so much. People say that we are foolish to have such a strong attachment to just an ANIMAL. She wasn't just an ANIMAL to us; she was our FAMILY. Til this day, I still find it hard to talk about the incident. Writing this has made tears well up in my eyes. It still hurts. I still miss my Dog. Sometimes its hard to understand the things people do. Animals are still living beings...they breathe, they feel, they love just as we do.

My family has tried to take the case to court. However, since it is the Philippines, nothing much has been accomplished because according to them, it was just an ANIMAL. Since the incident occured, I havent returned to the Philippines. I do not know if I could control myself under the circumstances of seeing that family and remembering what they did to my Dog. It still hurts and I still miss her.


Thess said...

Poor BOO :-( sorry to hear about that Rob

Ignorance is a curse, don't them animals breath just like us humans? don't they think just like us humans? don't the feel just like us humans? and don't they LOVE...wait, I can't say just 'like' us but MORE than Us humans!?!

I hate to think what might happen to that 15 year old who shot her...what goes around comes around.

Thess said...
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Missy said...

That's so sad...

my pets were never treated as "just animals"...they were part of the family.
I think Boo's in a happier place now... as the saying goes "all dogs go to heaven"

chelli said...

oh..worry not..Boo's in heaven.*sniffs*

Mitch said...

grabe! what kind of teenage boy would do such a thing! sana makarma siya!

mama sangre said...

oh my... that was really disturbing. why would anyone do such a thing? yes, philippine laws pertaining to animal rights need to be updated. not only that, people should be educated of the responsibility we all share of protecting and respecting all living creatures.

liljunkie18 said...

wow dami na comments dito woohoo.hehe..

well yeah sa philippines, the law doesnt really exist...its all about compromise. one other reason why we couldnt prosecute the guy, even for trespassing was cuz of my cousin. shempre di mo naman maiwasan magalit in that instance so what my cousin did was he actually beat the crap outta the guy. i know it sounds mean but i was actually happy he got a good whack in the head. i wish he couldve gotten more than that. its been a few years but im still pissed about the whole thing.

sometimes i when people go like HAYOP KA! i think, well, thats not too bad. sometimes, animals appear to be even more understanding than humans.

bebeLabs said...

This is the first time i got to read this. And i teLL you the cry baby that i am... i am a mess in front of the pC.. good thing 'vryOne's on their way to Lunch.. i couLd not imagine what i'd do had i been in your bRother's shoes.

I just remember that everytime my Kuya's (not reaLLy bLood reLated) jokes around with my cats... Like they wiLL throw it up in the air... and they'd say "babagsak kaya siya ng nakatayo pa rin?"... heLL, i honestLy forget i caLL them "kuya"... i am very protective of my cats. mama and I usuaLLy fights because of them. =)

liljunkie18 said...

Bebe Lab,

(parang ang sweet ko sayo noh..lolz)
well, yeah, i am a cry baby too. sometimes i hate it! argkh! but it is painful to lose a, not really in the mood of talkin bout it cuz im kinda sleepy and when im sleepy i get extra sensitive.

sweet comment...:) lil doggie wouldve liked you hehe..

Hazel said...

oh my. only read this now but that's more than mean... i'd probably beat the crap outta that boy too if i were your cousin. Nevermind the fact that i don't even know how to punch :lol: but seriously ... very very very disturbing.