August 11, 2004

A Poem By Request (Ahem...hehe)

I have a friend
Who longs for a companion
(Like her husband isnt enough)

One with big droopy eyes
(full of mucus)

One with big fat cheeks
(that hang like water balloons)

One with a wrinkled face
(that looks like a wrinkled butt)

One with a cold nose
(cuz its always full of snot)

One with a big mouth and bad breath
(that drools like a water fountain)

One that she can cuddle
(i dunno why she couldnt settle for a pillow)

One that she can feed
(Ahem, HUSBAND?!?)

One that she can take care of
(mm, how about a plant?)

One that she longs for so much
(that she actually asked me to write something about,
what a waste of my time!)

One thats actually a DOG named TJ!

LOLZ!! okay the dogs actually cute.
I was just bein sarcastic..DUH

1 comment:

Thess said...

Bwahahahahah!! I'm in so much pain right now coz I can't find TJ...napatawa mo ako! tnx, ur a real pain in the arse junkie, ...ah lav u ^_^

ok, back to crying muna...salamat ulit