August 01, 2004

Random little something

I thought of posting this photo of Danielle when one day I saw her, just her head, peeking outside when she heard the noises I was making in the kitchen. Curious as she's always been and with half eyes closed, there she was trying to find out what mama's been up to.

taken yesterday ( july 31st )...this was Gizmo sleeping on top of his shirt. It's a known fact that ferrets sleep in the dark but since we've been having warm weather the past days, the light didn't seemed to bother him ( Jacob and Danielle were sleeping under their other shirt )

Also taken yesterday, their dad and I decided to buy them a piano hoping to find out if we have a Mozart in the family ( that's not all together true, we got jealous because the other day, we saw a piano-playing-ferret on tv so we thought.. perhaps our kids can do better. ) Jacob played about 3 notes out of curiosity. Papa and mama actually clapped their hands when they heard what Jacob 've accomplished!

Unfortunately the piano didn't interest them at all, all they wanted to do was to destroy it. KIDS do the darnest thing!!

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Hazel said...

you know.. I'm really not familiar with ferrets.. but you're making me a whole lot familiar with them hehehe.. i'm actually finding them cute now :p