August 05, 2005

green eyed beauty

murphy cooling off in front of the fan.

she's now 13 years old and still in good health, enjoying her catdom: patrolling upstairs and downstairs at night, finding cool places to "chill" during these hot summer days. almost every summer i'd been trimming the top layer of fur on her body only but this year decided just to keep her as well combed as possible. we don't want her to look like a lemur again.


tHeYiE said...

wow..i Love her green eyes! =)

she reaLLy Looks so pLayfuL...

Thess said...

it's raining cats, hallelujah! ha ha

murphy babe, good to see that your mom has finally found the time to share you with us (stel, don't kill me ^_^ )

cheers! to you murphy and your mom, for taking good care of you (even if sometimes, you were resembling sinead 'o connor)

annabanana said...

raining cats indeed! and my don't we have such a collection of beatuful felines? murphy, milli, and to all the kitties out here...meow meow to all of ya! o, when will the dog mommas and ferret mommas show off? blog away, peeps! have a great week!