August 22, 2005

hello from seoul, south korea!

yup, we are still alive and kicking!

i know it has been quite some time since our last post here, blame it on forgotten usernames and passwords, i would have been posting every week, had i a better functioning brain! teehehhee

anywhoo, matilda and i are okay. we are all geared up for her upcoming september 3rd birthday party. i would have invited other ferrets and ferret humans, but sad to say, we know nobody who falls in that category except our own jacob, gizmo and mommy thess, who happen to live several thousands of miles away from us!

matilda has already received some of her birthday presents.

she got a ferret freeway from us (mom and dad), several tubes of ferretvite and nutri-cal (vitamin supplements!) from her vet and the nurses, five new hammocks and winter dresses from my mama, and a brand new carrying bag from one of my good friends. i am thinking if i should get her a playpad or a piano, but hubby told me to grab a hold of my senses, and think about christmas and new year, and other birthdays!

geez..i think i DO get carried away!

here are some of her latest pictures. i hope you enjoy them. :D

now, if we trim it a little here and tuck a bit here...i'm sure i can fit into these...!

the ferret freeway...i wasn't even able to gift wrap it!

let go, mommy! this is MY chocolate cookie!

and this is my banana, too!

and, oh, before we forget, YOU are invited to the party, too!

so be there, or be square!



chelli said... cuuuteee!

tHeYiE said...
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tHeYiE said...

advanced happy birthday matilda! from tita theyie, kirei, gretchen, baby 1 and baby 2 (the spitzlets left with us)

TaLhey said...

happy, happy birthday matilda from YuRee! he's birthday is on the 23rd of Sep...

Anonymous said...

this is soooo cute! happy birthday matilda!