August 13, 2005


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One LittLe two LittLe three LittLe four LittLe babies

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One of kirei's first pictures when she was given to us

See the resembLance?

After one month, one week and six days, four LittLe spitzlets, as I fondly call them, who used to wake me up in the morning with their simultaneous and sometimes chaotic high-pitched cries, are no longer complete. We're now left with two little babies, who will, in the next few days be given to my nephews and niece. Missing them will also mean crying for their absence.

The feeling was like that of a parent whose child will get marry and settle to another place. Taking care of them will be temporary only...for sooner or later they will leave you and will be too far from your sight. But you know you can see them again, either by visiting them or the other way around. And when you see them grow up gracefully, you'll know the vision you have for them was achieved. You will smile then...


Retno said...

i can imagine what you've been through.
when i picked up Milli, my kitten, i could see the sadness in the previous owner's faces.

all i can say is time will heal the pain. maybe all you have to do is thinking that they're in good hands :)

btw, why my name is not on the proud parents list? just wonder... :p

tHeYiE said...

thank you for the comment retno. i know m babies are in good hands. I still miss them, though.

about your question, i will inform the administrators of our group blog. don't worry.

annabanana said...

hello theyie,
don't worry the spitzlets are in good hands. :D

drstel said...

i can feel it theyie. used to cry when my ma sold our Siamese kittens, wanting to keep them all which was not possible of course....

thess said...

luckily we have still memories such as these pictures to look at ...cheer up mommy theyie :-)

our (contributors) names should be automatically added by blogger, I really don't know why yours and another parent's aren't showing up :(