August 22, 2005

YuRee's makeover!

it's been a while since he had his last haircut. the last time, i had them shave it all off...and i don't think he liked it. he's not used to it, he'd rather have his spaniel cut. YuRee is hyperactive as expected, but i'm proud to say he's well behaved when being groomed professionally and when i actually give him a bath. he has all the patience when i have to blowdry his hair, that takes forever. his appointment usually last at least for three hours. do i like his new haircut? i do...but if i'll have the chance to have hiroko-san to groom him again, i wouldn't think twice, heehee!

two days before his makeover, he had his vet appointment too for his annual check-up. he had his rabies and booster shots as well. he's healthy and everything looks great as per his vet (teeth, gums, ears...). although the vet had to emphasize more on his ears, since cocker spaniel are prone to ear infection. and he gained 5 lbs. since we got here, he's now 33 lbs. my oh my! when we were in japan, he maintained his 28 lbs. fugure, as in everytime they weigh him it stayed the same. he's still on his ideal weight though and his waist is still prominent, hahaha.

so, this is YuRee's much needed makeover =)

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tHeYiE said... our pets a make over is one of the most wonderful treats we can give to give. it's one way to pamper them and make them feel loved because thay will look and feel better after that.

yuree is so cute!

TaLhey said...

thanks so much theyie! i couldn't agree more. i want to make sure i take care of him and not take him for granted. if it's pampering, he's all into it, hee:-)!